December Rockin’ Day 01 and 02

Two years ago when I met my cousins from Houston, Texas for the first time ever since life began. Hahaha half kidding. It was December 17, 2010 when we picked them up at the airport and when our parents introduced us to each other, nothing but awkwardness filled the air. Of course no one from us has the guts to talk to them because they speak full english, and I just found out last night that they can understand tagalog because their parents talk to them in full Filipino. It’s just that they don’t know how to form the right tagalog words so they choose not to. So anyways, if you’ve been stalking me for the past couple of months, hahaha I mean, if you’ve been reading my past blogs, I had the best Christmas two years ago (2010) because I got to hang out with my cousins for the first time and definitely enjoyed every single day with them. Now the Houston boys are back to Manila but this time with their oldest brother who use to live here in Manila for a couple of years, but that was way back. I know this is confusing and all, bottom line is, we’re all complete this Christmas yay!!

Here’s a piksherr for those who can’t pick up what I’m tryna say hihi. The three boys from Houston with my mom and dad!

Kuya Stef – 21 years old
Kuya Paolo – 18 years old
Carlo – 15 turning 16

Meet the cousins (incomplete though)

Last 23, we had our first bonding as a whole clan. Took lots of pictures, played Just Dance in kinect, exchanged gifts, laughed, bought ice cream on a midnight and more. Moments like those are so priceless hihi. And yesterday (24) my cousins and I get to bond, do random stuff and spend time together. We went to Market market – wall climbing, laser tag and a little Christmas shopping. And then went straight to Bonifacio High Street since we’re all hungry and Carlo’s craving for Krispy Kreme as always. Bought doughnuts and headed to Jamba Juice.

e6bfe62c4da111e28dba22000a1f97e5_7 (1)

Sorry I think these are the only photos I have since I didn’t bring my cam :( they’re crappy I know hahahaha BlackBerry’s cam sucks hehe.

We then went straight to their condo somewhere in Taguig but kuya Marco, ate Micah and kuya Jec had to leave asap because they’ll be having noche buena with their dad’s fam. We (me, Ali, Maye and the 3 houston boys) decided to swim although they’ve reminded me a lot of times how cold the water is. I didn’t mind at all hahahaha then when we got to the pool, damn the water’s literally freezing cold!!!! We all jumped in and I’m shaking the first few minutes hahaha but Kuya Paolo chickened out and didn’t swim, boo! I think we were only in the pool for about 30 minutes because there’s a mass going on and we’re not supposed to make noises haha screw them. And now, I’m sick as hell because of pushing myself to the limit, hashtag yolo!! Right after swimming, we had dinner/noche buena with the fam, though it’s too early for a noche buena. And then toured around the condo, chilled at the playground, played hide and seek with cousins and yeah, just chilled. Too bad we had to leave early since we have to pick up ate who’s still in her office. Haha loser.

And today’s 25 yay Merry Christmas!!! I don’t wanna say that this Christmas is the worst, bec I’ve been seeing a lot of people’s tweets and stuff telling how lame their Christmas is, but I gotta be honest, this day is pretty much the boring-est since I just literally stayed in bed the entire day since I feel sick and this headache and body pain’s killing me. I just wish I feel better tomorrow and the following days since I’ll be spending days with my friends and cousins. Mom, dad and ate’s working schedule is kinda messed up and as much as possible I don’t wanna deal with it anymore hehe.

Sorry I talked to much, I just enjoyed (and missed) blogging here. Again, Happy Christmas everyone! It’s the season to be chubby… screw diet!


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