January 24, 2013

So I just got home from Taft and DLA. This day was literally a fucking rollercoaster!!!!!! Here’s how my day went in bullets bec I’m fucking lazy like that.

  • Attended my morning class, RECONSE and ELEMSTA
  • Had lunch at the school cafeteria with my blockmates
  • Had chilled taho yum
  • Attended my three-hour class, PETRIID – last class for the week!!!
  • Played table tennis
  • Learned the cup song from Pitch Perfect
  • Met up at Taft with Nokie and went home together
  • We had coffee at McDo LP and had a fun convo about school and life
  • Went home
  • Saw something I wasn’t suppose to see so I ended up running away from it. WAF
  • Bec I was literally panicking and shaking that time, I left all my things except for my phone. And PS: I’m still wearing my PE uniform
  • Called Nokie and asked him if we could meet again bec I really need someone to talk to
  • He picked me up at Starmall with his car
  • Told him everything
  • Drove around the village and decided to go visit DLA
  • Talked to our high school teachers
  • Talked some more
  • Nokie and I invited sir Jhun and sir Gab to have dinner with us (w Nokie’s car)
  • Asked Nokie to drop me off at my house bec I just ran away and everyone here might be paranoid and worried AF
  • He drove me home
  • Locked myself in my room bec everything outside is awkward as fuck

Just happy that I got to catch up w my best guy friend after 23940099045 years and got to visit my school. Looking forward to watching Les Mis with Nokie tomorrow…. and dentist.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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