School Day Movie Date

I don’t usually go out and hang with friends after class on a school day, my daily routine is school-home, but sometimes if I’m not being a lazyass, I go out and grab lunch with my friends. But to be honest, I’d rather go home straight, chill or maybe watch movies, draw, listen to music and take a nap. But it’s not bad to give myself a break from all the chilling I do every day. Haha! So when my friend Gelo and Abby asked if I wanted to watch Life of Pi 3D with them right after our 230 class, I said yes without second thoughts. BUT at first I was really doubtful since it’s too hassle to commute on a rush hour, but anyways still ended up going with them.

We met-up at SDA and took a cab to MOA and then bought tickets for the 3 o’clock show

I think it’s only 2 something when we arrived so we decided to have a snack at Burger King

Trivia: it was my first time to meet Gelo in person! We only talk thru twitter and hear stories from Abby, and it was really fun hanging with him!

Came across this huge but super cute dog! That face made me want to kidnap him and take him home

We came in the cinema too early so we decided to take vain photos while waiting haha FYI we weren’t the only ones taking photos so it’s cool lol




We just noticed that Abby’s wearing an animal print top so we made fun of it and tried imitating Life of Pi hahahaha!! I swear the whole time we were waiting, we just kept on laughing

The movie was reaaaally great considering the fact that it was 3D!! Abby and I’s reaction were “oohhh” “oh my gosh!” “whoaaa” because it’s really amazing for words, hahaha! But tbh, I got sleepy the first few minutes of the movie but the rest of the film was just plain awesomeness and I’m not even exaggerating! There were many symbolism in the movie but let’s not talk about it here since I don’t want to spoil lol but if you’re planning to watch it, GO!!! And I advice you watch it in 3D because there are scenes that are much appreciated in a three-dimensional aspect

Right after the movie, we decided to stroll around the mall and take “blogger” photos of ourselves. So bear with me with the next photos you’ll see

Attempting to do the blogger pose hahahaha I suck at these

Doing the jeje pose with Geloyellow!!



We also did an outfit shot but unfortunately, the photos are with Gelo so maybe I’ll post it next time! :)


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2 Responses to School Day Movie Date

  1. Gelo Yellow says:

    Naks naman famous blogger lang ang peg ko hahahaha jk it was super fun hanging out with you guys!!!! Can’t wait for another movie date!

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