Legally Brunette

Idk but I think the shade/color of my hair right now is brunette hehe you judge
LOLERZ just for the sake of photo opping but wait no, I’m serious about my hair color!!!! So I’m really stoked about me turning 18 in few months and I’ve so many plans haha let’s just hope it’ll turn out to be the exact same thing in my head right now coz I’ll be crying like a little spoiled brat if not. Hehe kidding! But anyways, to give you a hint of what I’m talking about, here’s a list of things I want to (be able) do after turning 18. PS, I’m not referring to the actual debut okay I’m talking about my life in general when I turn 18!

  • I wanna go out MORE OFTEN with friends – sleepovers, long road trips, unplanned adventures, outings, swimming, chill sesh, barbecue by the pool, monopoly deal nights without being judged by my parents. I hate the fact that my parents don’t trust enough those people I get to spend time with, I want to be open to them when it comes to my friends but they keep on being so close-minded about it. I’m so close with my family and I grew up spending days hanging out with them, don’t get me wrong because it’s really a good factor being family oriented but I also want them to be open-minded when it comes to those people I get to hang.
  • No more curfew for fuck’s sake!!! I really hate going home so early when I’m in a party or something. Or at least make it late enough for me to enjoy the “late night life” wtf wtf
  • Learn how to drive!!!!
  • Give me back my credit card sad face
  • Remove the fucking 10 o’clock curfew to my phone ohmalord
  • And yeap since my birthday’s fast approaching. I also want material things. Ha. Ha.

  • iPod touch 5th gen pls oh pls
  • Or I can settle with 4th gen!!
  • A new phone :(
  • Wacom since I’m really into graphics :(

So yeah basically, I want gadgets hahahaha. Hi mommy and daddy :(


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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