Bar Hunt x TGIF

My family’s not a fan of Friday nights out, our usual Friday’s just staying at home, pizza delivery and movies. I don’t know what has gotten into my mom that made her want to go out on a working day. She even texted me “bar tayo maya!” But I know what she meant was to look/hunt a bar for my debut this coming April. Talk about being too excited, but better be prepared than ever! I thought it’s just me, my ate and mom since I was thinking it could be girl’s night out, but dad and little brother came along… How on earth would it be a bar hunting if we’re with a 7-year old kid.

I was settling with a nice and cheap bar around Boni High and mom agreed on it since her office is right beside High Street and it would be less hassle FOR HER to sort things out. She showed me few bars and I only liked two.

I honestly forgot the name of this bar but it looks nice although a little smaller than I expected, but the head capacity is 50-70 and it’s not that bad. It’s cheap, and I guess I’m going to settle for this. I wish I had better photos but I was too busy observing the place hahaha fuck me, right!?

The second one was Jill’s and it looks high class so I expect it to be as expensive as fuck. But it really looks better than the first one. I wasn’t able to take photos inside since there was a party going on and the music was crrrrazy loud I’m not even exaggerating, I was literally covering my ears the whole time we were inside. Worse part is, they were playing oldschool slow songs UGH. But yeah, all in all it was nice

Everyone of us got tired from all the walking and exploring we did so we decided to postpone our hunt and instead, pig out. Yep, that’s how my family roll. We walked around the entire Boni High to Serendra because we can’t decide where to eat, and dad keeps blabbing that he’s craving for Thai (there was a Thai restaurant we ate decades ago at the end of Serendra) and just found out that it’s already closed!! So instead, we had midnight snack at California Pizza Kitchen



We ordered this drink called Raspberry Mojito and it’s alcohol. I admit, it looks heaven but it tastes blauegh!! And it really hit me hard as in right after having a few sip, I kept laughing the whole time and literally turned red. I don’t know but EVERYTHING STARTED TO LOOK FUNNY TO ME. Dad said it tastes like cutix (nail polish) and acetone (nail polish remover), for me it tasted like medicine.

See even my little brother got drunk… because of his chocolate milkshake. Hahaha

After eating, we strolled a little to burn the fatties we gained haha AS IF


Got too many photos but couldn’t upload everything because wordpress won’t let me. Huhu all the time! So the bottom line is, I think I already found the place for my debut. Yay I’ll keep you posted! :)


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3 Responses to Bar Hunt x TGIF

  1. Steph says:

    Can I ask how much is it at Jill’s? And in the first venue as well? Please reply ASAP when you see this. It would be very much appreciated! :D

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