What’s In My Bag 2013

I’ve been doing WIMB for how many years now, three years to be exact! I started doing this since 2010 and I was inspired by my favorite blogger, Saab Magalona!! So here’s my WIMB for this year!! :)


1. 2013 Starbucks Planner. I got this planner effortlessly haha all thanks to my awesome friend! This comes with a pen but I’m still not using it though ’cause it looks so sossy and I want to use it for a special something, whatever that is it should be worthy enough for an expensive ink hahaha a contract signing maybe? Chos!

2. Binder notebook. I only have one notebook for all my subjects because I’m a little clumsy with books/notebooks. And as you notice, it’s green… ANIMO!!

3. Pencil case. Believe it or not, it’s my pencil case. My best friend gave it to me and it really suits me, self explanatory. But until now I still can’t figure out if this is Snoop Dogg or what. What do you guys think ’cause I’m really confused hahaha!!! If you’re wondering what’s inside…

Chenen!! Lots and lots of pens and pencils bec I’m really into drawing and doodles

4. My doodle notebook. I can’t leave the house without this, I swear!! It saves me from all my boring subjects, and I like to call this my visual diary bec… bacon. Here are some of my works hehe I’m not going to post everything mainly because some of them are too personal.




PS. I’m not illuminati okay just to clear things out


5. Specs. Another “I can’t leave the house without this” in my bag is my eye glasses as you know I’m really blind. Hahaha half kidding. I have a really high grade and I quit wearing contact lens because it’s waaay too hassle so I went back to wearing specs, but I only wear mine inside the classroom. (I turn into a weird-looking potato when I wear it HAHAHA. Not funny ok)

6. Plastic envelopes. I’m a bit OC when it comes to papers and such. I can’t stand seeing scattered test papers in my bag and everything. Bottom line, these envelopes saves the day all the time.

7. Baby iPod. I call it baby because it’s so tiny hihi. I’m so happy with this right now, it has ALL the songs I’m crazy about and it’s super handy and not easy to snatch hahaha I guess that’s what’s important. I honestly find iTouch and big iPods a little hassle, well anyway, I’m only after for music and I have my phone and camera for other medias.

8. Earphones. Another must-bring every single day. I usually have those long bus trips to and from school where over-thinking possibly happens and to avoid those unwanted scenarios, the only escape is music. There’ll be no such thing if you have no earphones. Unless you want it on loud speaker… which is a bad idea, my friend.

9. Scientific calculator. Nobody wants to be left out on a Math discussion!

10. My phone. “I feel so incomplete without you…”

11. Little essentials. My school ID (censored my face for your sake), alcohol (you don’t want to be invaded by the germs around you so just to be safe and all) and my Supreme lighter (PS, I don’t smoke. I’m not a regular smoker. I only carry this along with me for school and safety purposes. I’m not kidding.) Sorry for reppin’ fake Supreme merch hahaha

Last PS. If you’re observant enough, I don’t have a wallet atm because mine got stolen few days ago. Douchebag huhu good thing I was able to save my school ID

These are the things you usually find inside my bag. Congratulations, you now invaded my privacy with my own permission! Hahahaha!!! So… what’s in YOUR bag? Go blog yours and comment the link below!!! :>


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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