Love, Camera, Action

School was so productive, to think that today’s Tuesday and I’ve always despised my Tuesday and Thursday schedule. My first class was RECONSE and did nothing but draw and take down notes. It was just a typical day of discussion and a little bore fest. My next class was ELEMSTA, we received our last exam and I can’t believe I flunked for the second time! I’m really jumpy right now bec I honestly don’t want to fail and retake that subject I swear to God I’ll offer everything just to pass that subject. Our prof gave us some words of motivation and to be honest, it did help me somehow. I think it was the first time I didn’t feel sleepy during discussion. I was attentive, I was participating well and actually got the lesson! My prof should give us words of motivation every damn meeting. Hahaha! And then for my last class, which we all really hate, is NATSCID. It’s a three-hour literal bore fest! My prof uses all his time for discussion and I swear it’s the most boring class I’ve ever encountered in my whole existence. But since Abby, Berto and I had to go to Ramon Bautista’s talk which is in Taft campus, we had to inform (or ask permission) our prof if we can leave the class early because the talk starts at 1 pm, and our class is until 2:30 pm.

It was a struggle for us three when the clock hit 1 o’clock, my prof was in the middle of his discussion and we had to cut him off just to tell him WE HAVE TO LEAVE ALREADY. Hahaha! Gladly, we arrived at the theater on the dot.

So Ramon Bautista, as expected, had his really entertaining yet a little life-changing talk. I was a fan ever since he was a newbie in the industry, I remember the “The Ramon Bautista Show” days on MTV that only lasts for about 5 minutes or so, but can still make me laugh in a short span of time. I rrreally love his sense of humor, real talk, I want a boyfriend just like him. Okay let’s say he’s not that pogi in real life but his sense of humor makes him pogi and attractive hahaha I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s normal. But anyways, my friends and I were laughing the whole time!!! He delivered a talk which is full of humor but you can learn a lot from it. This may sound corny and cheesy, but trust me, I’m feeling positive and hyped up about life and love after his talk. Yep, 100 bucks is so worth it.

He showed us some of his self-made clips, and tbh I don’t know what’s the relation of those vids to his talk but anyway I enjoyed everything AS IN LITERALLY EVERYTHING. After his talk, he answered some questions from the audience and then book signing and picture taking! I don’t have his book (yet) so I just asked him to sign my visual diary aahhhh dream come true!!!!

Ramon Bautista loves me!!!!

I know I look super ugly here but I’m posting it anyway!!! We have a wacky shot but Idk which cam was used so I guess I’ll just have to wait for someone to tag me on facebook haha

While waiting in the line with my girlies hihi

“There’s more to life than love.” -Ramon Bautista
“If you can’t move on, move on some more.” -Ramon Bautista

Sharing you some of the videos he showed us earlier!

Nescafe Palistuhan Challenge ft. Francis M and Ramon Bautista. Notice at somewhere in 0:50, Ramon has a blooper hahaha

Dan Michael Black Magic (Davin Blaine spoof)

Sino Si Ramon Bautista (Yung Pogi) Music Video. This is too funny ok hahaha

You can check him out on twitter, his tweets are so benta. And also his instagram. Grabe I learned a lot from him Im such a fan <3


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