Happy Pills

Nope, I’m not talking about this

But if you do find happiness in these then okay. But let’s face it, people feel sad most of the time or if you’re an emo type of person, all the time. I feel sad, too! Worse, suicidal. And I’m not even ashamed of it! I also experience those nights where I listen to sad, gloomy songs and cry myself to sleep – it’s normal! You should feel scared and weird if you don’t feel sad at all. It’s either you’re a robot, or you just don’t want to admit the fact that you feel fucked up sometimes. That’s why happy pills are made!!! And by happy pills, what I mean is feel good movies, upbeat songs you can dance to, good company, chill places, coffees and whatever that makes you happy!!! Don’t be too scared about being sad because it’s one reason why we’re stronger than the usual (are you? Because I am), and it makes me appreciate everything. But it doesn’t mean you have to be sad all the time for you to appreciate life; so the question is, how do I manage to get up from all the blues?

1. Write it off. Whether you’re a grammar genius or not, whether you have blogs or notebooks, it doesn’t matter! Write wherever you want to write as long as you feel good about it. I run so many different blogs, personal and public and I manage to update it with daily happenings because I feel so damn good after writing everything out – whether I’m happy, sad or high. Curse whoever you want to curse, they can’t do anything about it because it’s your thoughts and people can’t blame you for being expressive of what you really feel. Or if you want things to be as private as possible, own a diary! Fact: I even write personal thoughts on my phone as memos in case I’m away from my laptop/notebook. Rule no. 8: LET IT ALL OUT.

2. Draw! I have this thing called visual diary, and it’s not the typical Dear Diary, cutie guy from Math class just ignored me like how the fuck can he be so rude??? I had this drawing prof who gave us a tip in being an artist, own a notebook without the lines and where you can draw. It helped me a lot as a student artist. I draw when I’m sad, I draw when I’m bored. It’s just the same as running a blog, minus the long ass phrases. And also, if you’re pissed at someone, you can draw a funnier version of him and laugh about it the next day. PS, you don’t really have to be an artist to keep a visual diary, draw whatever you want to draw! Be imaginative and creative.

3. Pig-out. Screw diet. Stop keeping away yourself from all the sweets, your body needs it once in a while. Need I say more?? Well there’s a study that says chocolates can boost your happy hormones up (???). I mean, is there anyone who can resist these??

(What the fuck am I doing……)

4. Listen to sad songs and cry it out! You’ll definitely feel good after doing this, you’re welcome. Haha kidding aside. Ok I’m guilty! I usually do this but don’t think I’m weird because after crying everything out, I feel a little good, and I laugh about it and say “what the fuck have I gotten myself in to.” And laugh again and then realize how crazy and weird I am. Here are some of the SAD songs I listen to (which makes me cry even more) WARNING: these songs are rrreally gloomy so listen at your own risk!
Angels – The xx
Missing – The xx
Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
Nothing Like Us – Justin Bieber
Skinny Love – Birdy
Take Me Somewhere Nice – Mogwai
Youth – Daughter (but this song kinda tells you “life is awesome don’t be sad be awesome instead you can do it, get up!)
Fix You – Coldplay (you need a tissue here darling)

5. Watch feel good movies! If you’re currently broken, or dumped by someone you love, avoid romantic flicks because it’ll only make you feel bitter about what happened. But a few won’t hurt, watch The Notebook or A Walk To Remember, grab a popcorn or chips and cry it out. But that’s it. Watch something funny like Pitch Perfect! And also engage yourself to series like How I Met Your Mother (this series taught me so many things alr to think that I’m only on season 2 hehe). Or SKINS if you’re feeling a little rebel hehe

6. Avoid going online. Stop stalking that person who broke you heart! Get over with it. Sometimes it’s better to log off for a while and forget all the things happened online. I personally think going online can keep you away from all the good things outside (I’m sorry for being online 24/7 okay I’m not antisocial!) Enjoy nature. Leave your Twitter and Facebook for a little while, go back when you feel awesome possum. If you think you feel better then you can now update your Twitter “I’m so happy fuck you bitches!” HAHAHA no, kidding! But let me tell you that updating your status about how sad and depressed and lonely you are won’t do any good!

7. Have a YOLO moment. And by YOLO I mean, drink with friends, go to parties, dance the night away, get high and regret everything that happened the next day. Kidding on the regret part though. But come on, life’s too short to be a good girl/good guy type. Dress to impress and party the night away. Or just drink it out. A shot or so wouldn’t hurt, just know your limits and be responsible enough by doing these. And also, make sure to go with people you really know and trust (for safety purposes).

8. Have that “alone time” you never usually have. Read a book at a coffee shop, go to malls all by yourself, go to (safe) places with no one but you. These are not activities of a “forever alone” person, but it simply means that you are independent enough to handle yourself. It’s also the time when you can think (of how awesome life is). Or… if you’re thinking of another alone time activity, do it! But then again, know your limits ;)

9. Listen to upbeat songs, dance and sing all by yourself. I pledge guilty. Sometimes I even take a video of myself singing just for me to laugh about it and feel good. Hahaha! Or! Search the karaoke version of you favorite song and sing your heart out!

10. Take selfies. Look for a good angle, post it wherever you want and feel confident about yourself. This will remind you how fab you are and will make you realize that it’s your ex’s loss for letting someone pretty go. Note: just don’t do it on public okay?

11. Pray. After doing all these, talk to Him – thank Him despite the struggles you’re encountering and ask for strength and guidance. At the end of the day, it’s still His plan that matters the most. Let go and let God.

Remember, don’t let sadness keep you away from enjoying all the good things in life. Look at the brightest possible side of life!!


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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