SUMMER DIARY: Nothing But Updates

I’ve been thinking (and calculating) if how many days have passed by but I can’t really get the answer so I’ll just stick with updates. So… how’s your summer?! Mine, so far so good! And in addition, my summer’s filled with kilig vibes hay I hope this lasts til the end! Better yet, hope it lasts til.. uhm, forever? Hahahaha lol kidding. So here are some updates on how my summer is, if anyone even cares hehe

  • Had our first outing this summer as a family last weekend and I definitely had a blast, lagi naman! But sobrang bitin because we only stayed at Batangas for two day or less pa yata since we left Manila at around 1 pm on Saturday and arrived at the hotel around 6-ish and left Sunday lunch. The best part was when we island hopped and snorkeled but I was too scared to swim at the beach and witness the underwater creatures so I chickened out and just chilled while everyone’s enjoying the water huhu, ever since I was really scared with large bodies of water so I was literally shaking the whole boat ride. Hahaha! Such a scaredy cat. But bottom line, I had a great weekend!!! I’m looking forward to our Palawan trip hopefully soon!
  • BI6xtHjCYAAjw8L

  • I got my face burned by the sun because I swam like a fish at the pool and because of island hopping aahh I should’ve brought umbrella if I knew this would happen to me, haha joke lang arte eh. At least I have a proof that I enjoyed summer!! But good thing I didn’t get dark or something but this sun burn’s killing me!!!
  • IMG_1024

  • I started reading The Fault in Our Stars but I guess I won’t be able to finish it because I’m sorry I’m not really a book lover, I’ve finished some books though. But this one’s a little boring (huhu sorry fans). But if I had another chance I would love to finish it and see what happens to Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace hihi. By chance, I mean a lazy day with nothing to do but read.
  • Really into badminton these days, in fact (If you’ve read my previous post) I have plans for college relating to it. Badminton’s my first love and I really enjoy playing that’s why I went back and even got more serious about it woohoo!! And it’s a good activity to lose some weight, like what my coach used to tell us “gusto mo magbadminton?? Paghirapan mo!” because every training is super torture but the pain’s all worth it naman.
  • Not going to school sucks mainly because I don’t get to see my college friends, and yep I’m being clingy right now! My first three terms in college are super worth remembering because of the people I got to spend it with, I mean, I just realized how blessed I am with awesome blockmates kasi none of them are into vices kaya din siguro ako na-motivate fully when I started college, and it’s really a good thing. And now since we’ve gone our separate ways, some of us decided to go on their own when it comes to picking classes and schedules. That’s what I did this coming term, not because I don’t want to be with them anymore because that’s totally insane, but because I wanted to be independent and meet new people, although I’ve some classes with them pero sobrang konti lang. So I’m really jumpy this coming school year, wish me all the luck!!!
  • Wow I miss these people!!

  • I can’t believe I’m already a sophomore this incoming school year wow time flies!!!!! I’m really nervous and excited as well because I’m more than ready to meet new people woohoo fourth term, come at me!!!
  • My sched’s not a hundred percent final just yet, I’ll try to fix this on the adjustment because I honestly don’t know what to do on my long ass breaks! 5 hours wow…

  • My bucket list this summer is to be able to finish all seasons of How I Met Your Mother but to think that I’m only on season 3 and there’s 5 more left, and my summer will end in 3 weeks I guess?? I just wish I can finish this by the end!!!!
  • One reason why I’m having fun this summer is I because get to spend it with one of my favorite person in da world, my best friend Chevy. Although we don’t see each other every single day, we still manage to catch up every day and bond every once or twice a week. We always miss each other to the point where texting isn’t enough hahaha but what’s good about missing each other is it makes our bondings more special because we get to make every minute count. Being with this guy’s just too priceless. :)
  • iaoejfre.jpg

  • My summer’s all about chill and feel good music! I might blog a separate post on what songs I’m up to these days! :)
  • One guy’s making my summer extra special and I’m super happy I met him, well not yet personally. But we started talking on BBM because of a common friend. But I first followed him on Twitter and to my surprise he followed me back after an hour and even added me on BBM. Sa isip ko lang, FC naman. Hahahaha! Kidding! But he looks super cute as in baby cute! And what’s cuter is he has a twin brother! But you know what, he’s special because he’s the perfect combination of CUTE and SEXY oh gahd!!! He’s part of my college’s swim team… what a turn on. Ever since I have a fetish for athletic guys, idk it’s hot! But I’m not saying that we already have a “thing” because we’ve only been talking for a week straight and we haven’t met yet personally. We made plans when classes resume, though. And every day is kilig day all because of him!!! I wish I could name drop, or at least post a photo of him so you can agree with me how cute and pogiful he is. But to give you hint, let’s just say he looks like Daniel Padilla… only cuter hehehe
  • I think this summer, I haven’t had any decent sleep yet. Or maybe I had, but idk, maybe this messed up body clock will be my thing forever. Haha! “No one sleeps early on summer days!” But I guess I have to stop this unhealthy habit since I went back to training and being unhealthy is a big no no.
  • I haven’t eaten rice for so long now. I started removing rice out of my system last February and I’m just proud that I managed to keep track on my no-rice diet. Although I have a few exceptions like sushi, because sushis are one of my favorite inventions in this world like I can live with eating only sushi ahhh! But on regular meals, no rice! Woohoo patting myself at the back! And hopefully I can manage it til the year ends, fingers and toes crossed!

These are just some of my summer updates. How’s yours? :)


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