Happy Legalization Day, Best Friend!!!

Can’t believe my little potato turned 18 already I’m such a proud best friend hehehe. Just look how pretty she was last night (feelin’ like a mother hahahaha)

IMG_8647 (640x427)

The party was garden-themed so I really had a hard time choosing what to wear. But ended up with a floral (summer) dress from Forever 21. I even thought I wore something off the theme but nah it was cool (accdg to the debutante). So this post’s mostly a photo dump ’cause I took lots of photos (or selfies) last night! Haha!

IMG_8650 (640x427)

I was part of the 18 Treasures and medyo fail since my friend, Nokie and I have same gifts!!!!! Justin Bieber acoustic version huhu but that’s okay since I pulled off my speech hehe and I also gave AD the diary she gave me 3 years ago. That diary’s so special kasi instead of talking to the notebook, I’m talking to AD (Dear AD, alam mo ba….)
IMG_8663 (640x427)

Credits to my photographer last night, Chevy Canto hahahaha luvin’ the photography skills
IMG_8666 (640x427)

Precious moments like this makes me teary eyed huhu her dad looks so cute awww
IMG_8696 (640x427)

The ff photos are pure vanity HAHAHA so…
IMG_8733 (640x427)

IMG_8759 (640x427)

IMG_8766 (640x427)

IMG_8767 (640x427)

And oh, look at that, it’s my crush who happens to be AD’s cousin heehee what a cutie
IMG_8820 (640x427)

IMG_8816 (640x427)


And did nothing but take photos and dance the night away. Got super LSS with Psy’s Gentleman huhu what a catchy song. And then went home at around 12, Chevy and I were the last ones to go home and chit chatted a bit with the debutante. It was a solid fun night with friends!! I love attending debut’s ’cause it’s like a mini reunion and you get to catch up with your long time friends :)


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