When in Doubt, Ask

I actually find it cute hearing stories from different people, but funny how each story has different versions. I’ve been hearing a lot lately but the truth is, I’m too lazy to deal with those and actually give a damn because I know for a fact that none of those (or maybe some) are fabricated. Hehe I don’t wanna sound tough and all, but isn’t it crazy how each story gets fucked up after every mouth? I mean, it’s not that bad to exaggerate things, but I do hope people know their limits.

There’s this thing called “asking” and I believe it’s better to do this before “assuming”. Because sometimes I get really annoyed when people react off the hook and act weird upon hearing an exaggerated story, when in fact it’s not that exaggerated. Or better yet, might just want to keep quiet about something if you’re unsure. I just find it really funny when people go nuts about something they’re not sure of.

“The story gets uglier after each mouth.” (Chevy Canto)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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