Because I know I’ll lose followers on Twitter if I actually did this there hahaha yay here are some facts you might not know about me (lol as if you guys care ☹)

1. I have a fetish for men’s hairy WELL GROOMED and good smelling armpits.
2. I can make people laugh by just making funny faces. Real talk.
3. I’m into sports.
4. I like guys who do sports and it actually turns me off when they don’t know anything about sports.
5. I have tons of wacky photos compared to decent ones.
6. I prefer the tomboy-ish getup compared to girly ones.
7. I hate my legs.
8. I love eating my greens.
9. I’m into art.
10. I doodle when I’m bored.
11. I write everything off.
12. I’m a cry baby.
13. I listen to all genres of music.
14. I’m a lazy ass but when I really want something, I work my ass for it.
15. I sleep a lot. BY DAY.
16. I sleep so late you could ever imagine.
17. I literally turn tomato-red when I drink alcoholic beverages.
18. I’m not a morning person.
19. I still haven’t experienced sleepovers with friends.
20. I have a dream of owning my own graphic design-related business someday.
21. I still watch cartoons.
22. I know how to rap.
23. I used to play the drums.
24. Beatles and The Who are my favorite old school bands.
25. I overthink too much.
26. I tend to be clingy to someone I really like.
27. I always boy-hunt.
28. I’m insecure.
29. I like Justin Bieber, One Direction and Taylor Swift.
30. I used to be a die-hard solid Belieber.
31. I’m a daddy’s girl.
32. I make it a big deal when boys talk to me for few consecutive days.
33. I get easily attached.
34. I’d rather stay at home with my someone special rather than go out on dates.
35. I love it when my guy introduces me to his friends and family.
36. I made a deal with myself that when I finally found that someone, I’ll attend mass with him and with my family.
37. I’m not fond of arguing with people even though some times I know I have the rights to do so. Not that I’m scared, but I’m just too lazy to deal with it haha!
38. I own a lot of diaries.
39. I like being cheesy and sending people long ass messages of how and what I feel about them.
40. Family over everything.
41. I have this weird dream of being a black ghetto woman even just for a day.
42. I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’ll never be a skinny bitch I’ve always dreamed of.
43. I haven’t been eating rice for 3 months already.
44. I like Japanese food. Esp sushi!!
45. I hate gory films.
46. I easily cry over chick flicks.
47. Tyler the Creator’s one of my dream guys.
48. I love potatoes.
49. I dream of being a well-known blogger someday.
50. I want to have 2 kids.
51. I love badminton.
52. I’m scared of death.
53. I have a very confusing relationship (and status) with my best friend right now.
54. I run different blogs.
55. I only had one serious relationship, and I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to something serious again.
56. I easily trust people even if I know I’m not supposed to.
57. I cried over Justin Bieber several times.
58. I love being with happy people.
59. I’m good at giving out advices to my friends but I don’t know what to do when I encounter problems.
60. I literally freak out when I get kilig over someone.
61. I’m a little OC, esp when it comes to writing.
62. I forgive people too much, because I believe that everyone deserves not just two chances.
63. I’ve always wanted to have a good voice and to make famous song covers.
64. I miss everything about high school.
65. I can honestly say I have a good relationship with all my friends right now.
66. I hoard most of the time because I know the memories are worth keeping.
67. I have a habit of buying art materials that I never even use. I just like keeping them.
68. I listen to music when I’m sad, bored, happy…
69. I get jealous easily but I’d rather keep it to myself.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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