College Dilemma

Tangina what is happening to me!! I know this would happen, from the very start I know the schedule I made will only put me to danger as in fuck talaga it’s only been three weeks and I already have 4 fucking cuts!!!! WORLITE 2 absents, CATHWOR 1 late 1 absent, PE 1 absent! I’m thinking that it’s not THAT much of a big deal since those are just minor subjects but I’m still having doubts about this, but we’re allowed to have 5-6 absences every (1 hour and 30 mins.) minor class BUT STILL. Fuck I have to stop making excuses and get my shit together for real! I’m aiming being in the Dean’s List again ’cause I badly want to make it up to my parents, oh my God I’ve got to stop ditching my classes!!!!

If you’re new to college oh may gahd I’m advising you NOT TO fucking get long ass breaks because you’re so close to being tempted not to attend your last class I swearrrr. Haha I’m home early today because I ditched my CATHWOR and I’m both happy and sad for doing so, please I hope I won’t regret this in the end!! I SWEAR THIS WOULD BE MY LAST!!!!!!! I don’t wanna drown myself with regrets in the end okay motivation and inspiration!!!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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