What College Taught Me

In my second year in college, I’ve already experienced a lot.. and when I say a lot, a lot talaga na hindi ko na mabilang sa kamay at paa. And I’m not even exaggerating! I’d like to share them here but I know you’ll just get tired of my rants. I’ve been through heaven and hell, but surely did learn a lot from those experiences and adventures. Most people think that college is just about surviving, and when you reach graduation, tapos na lahat. I used to think that way, too. Pero that’s what makes it boring.. iniisip natin na “sana matapos na to!” but it’s just a matter of how you look at it. Kumbaga, mind over matter. So ngayon pa lang, I try to enjoy everything about college – the stress, the pressure, the boring classes, messed up schedule, etc. But one thing I like about college is I learn life-lessons every single day, and I keep on thinking na, this is my advantage din in the coming future.

Here are some of the things college taught me within those months, na akala ko wala lang, but in reality, those are the things I need to jot down (for future reference)!

  • Independence. Uy sakto, Independence Day is near. Hahaha! There will always come a time that you’ll be alone, whether you like it or not. I used to think when I was a frosh, that I’ll be with my friends in every class until we graduate. Pero kinain din naming lahat yun. I have group of friends (yes we’re super duper clingy) but we all got tired of each other din. I mean, we still hangout but when it comes to taking classes, we agreed to go on our separate ways, although we have some classes din naman together. It’s okay to be dependent at some point, but being independent and knowing your responsibilities and doing things on your own is different. And trust me, you’ll thank yourself in the end. This term will be my first time to have classes alone, yung as in wala akong kilala, and from that experience, I’m learning how to stand up for myself and do things on my own. Scary sa umpisa, but I got used to it din naman.
  • Be friendlier and be more sociable. On the first few months of college, we were put in a block section. Which simply means you have same classmates and same classes together for a school year – which is actually good kasi nagaadjust pa lang naman kaming lahat that time. But from then, I learned how to be more sociable, kasi of course, pare pareho lang naman kaming walang friends sa first few days. Natuto akong makihalubilo, kasi alam kong walang mangyayari sakin kung papairalin ko lang pagiging mahiyain ko (Oo guys mahiyain ako get over it) pero na-lessen yun when I reached college. In my opinion, shy-type people have less friends compared to friendly and open people. And trust me, college is more fun when you have many set of friends! That’s why it’s an advantage if you have classes alone (without your original friends) kasi you get to meet NEW people.
  • Time management. I honestly suck in managing my time, even before college, talo na ako ‘pag time management na pinaguusapan. I used to be a varsity member and joined different clubs in high school, and seryoso hirap talaga ako sa pagmanage ng time ko. But in college, it’s important to manage your time very well. Lalo na sa projects and submission of papers, plates, etc. Kasi it’s my loss if I didn’t value my time well. And it’s true that time is gold. This term I have super long breaks, and I learned din how to spend my time the right way, like doing school works kasi 5 hours is not a joke, tbh! Ang laking bagay din nun and ang dami ko pang pwedeng magawa within those hours (like blogging hehe).
  • Be more responsible. Responsible naman akong studyante, MAS naging lang this college. Kasi professors tend to have different perspectives, and students yung dapat magadjust, not the prof. And good shot is a big thing. I’m not saying na maging sipsip ka, but being responsible lang talaga is enough. Like taking down notes (it helps a lot lalo na kapag biglang nagdeclare yung prof mo ng quiz tapos open notes), photocopying lectures, doing and passing plates on time, etc.
  • I learned to say no. College is finally being free from the walls of strict elders. Although may rules and regulations din naman sa college, yun nga lang mas free ka gawin lahat ng gusto mong gawin. But like what my religion prof said, freedom is doing what is RIGHT. And, college is full of temptations, that’s so true. Aya dito, gala doon, gimik and tambay everywhere. Di naman maiiwasan yun, and take note, it’s okay to say yes. Kasi we need time din to unwind from college stress. But learn to say “no” din at some cases. Kasama nito yung being responsible eh. I learned to set my limits when having fun.
  • Value every moment you get to sleep. Need I say more?? Especially if you’re an art student! You don’t know the importance of sleep for us student artists, hahaha!
  • I learned to make excuses. Hahahaha! I know this is a bad thing, pero in fairness naman, naglevel up yung excuses ko compared nung high school ako. “Eh ma, may shooting kami for a film project, strict prof dun eh.” Hahahahaha!! And sadly, it actually works for me.

About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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