Livin’ the Taft Life

My college is located somewhere in Taft Avenue, Manila. And for those who have no idea about the location, it’s literally populated especially on school days and what’s worse?? It instantly transforms into a lake during rainy seasons. And it was honestly my first time to be stranded and it wasn’t that bad since I’ve been hearing worse experiences and realized that mine was just a tiny hasslepussle. Haha!

My friends and I had lunch at a mall right in front of our school, not knowing that it was already raining real hard but my friend from UST (España) already told me that it was raining rrreal hard and that their classes were suspended because their location is way worse than us. My friends and I stayed at Persia Grill for more than an hour since they don’t have classes anymore, and I have a 2-hour break. After having lunch, we tried the shisha and instantly felt so sleepy and tired haha and to our surprise, it was already raining and Taft Avenue’s flooded. I was worried since I still have a class that starts at 4:20 although we were hours early, but we were planning to stay at SDA Commons to chill or sleep. But everything seems to be so hassle, and Abby’s the only one who brought an umbrella. We decided to took a (motor) pedicab which is too expensive but worth the moolah since kuya drivers were hella funny. Abby, Yin and I were laughing the whole time because it was our first adventure at Taft and although it was the perf definition of hassle, we can’t deny the fact that we’re still enjoying..



Gladly we made it through the Taft river alive!! We stayed a little at commons and I was seriously woozy so I said I’d catch up some sleep while waiting for my next class..

Thanks to my friends who took a photo of me sleeping. Such good friends

And then Yin woke me up around 4:17 for my class, and to our surprise, there were no one inside the room, and there are students on the other room screaming so we thought classes were already suspended. But when we asked the guard roaming around, he told us that there were no announcements YET. When Yin checked her Twitter, it was already announced that classes were suspended. I felt happy and sad that time, happy because I don’t have to attend that 1 and 30 mins. of bore fest, sad because all my effort and time were put to waste!

So we just decided to roam around SDA to look for friends and found Marvin who tagged us along the following adventures! Stayed a little at the cafeteria but the securities asked us to go home alreadyyy baduy haha! Took lots of selfies instead!




And then decided to go to Burger Project somewhere in Vito Cruz where our other friends are, but the flood was crazy so we’re forced to head to McDonald’s Taft although it was sooo crowded, but I was already exhausted and woozy that time and I was seriously hungry! Never saw Taft that crowded!!!


Then at around 5 I already left and told them I was going to wait for a bus because I badly wanna go home and take a rest. But all buses passing by were crowded and the traffic was so heavy due to floods!! Good thing my mom called and told me if I can wait so they could pick me up. I said yes, but still had to wait til the floods are gone. I was so tired so I stayed at a coffee shop nearby alone. That moment, I was feeling alone and tired I just wanna crash and cry. Few hours after, my sister came and dad picked us up. It was a glorious moment for me when I came in the car because I already knew I was safe. That adventure wasn’t a joke.. we walked for hours! I sweat and got wet so the moment I got home, I feel really sick but good thing it got away the next morning.

I’m an official kolehiyala for conquering Taft on a rainy day yay me!! Haha! Looking forward to more adventures, but not as hassle as this one, please. And I hope everyone who experienced the same learned their lessons and had fun at the same time.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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