Feeling Photography

Today I decided to play with my camera since I haven’t been playing with it for a couple of weeks (or months) except for school purposes. I kinda feel bad about it because most of my friends who own a dslr have a lot of pictures to be proud of, while here I am, nothing but photos of important events and people on special occasions. I feel like I’m just using it occasionally when it’s supposed to be for the sake of art. Here are some photos I took just now and post-processed it on photoshop. I’m so sorry for poor quality photos, I just captured things I found in my room hehehe





I really suck at photography. I’m not like the others who call themselves a “photographer” just because they own a dslr and they take pictures. Duh people get real! But I want to engage and expose myself to photoshoots, especially on fashion or street photography. The problem with street photography is that, there’s a higher chance of losing your cam or whatever danger awaits you. But if I want to gain experience, I must learn to risk things. I’m really open for shoots, collabs, etc. But don’t expect too much because I’m still at the stage of learning. :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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