Student Diary: Adventure Minus Hassle

Shouts to my college for suspending classes ahead of time!! Really.. I’ve always hated my school’s system when it comes to suspension. They used to be the last school around University Belt who suspends classes when there’s heavy rain and such, and it really pisses me off (and others for sure) because they don’t know how much hassleness it causes students! But today was a bit different.

I have a 4:20-5:50 PM class every Tuesday Thursday and it happens to be the most boring class ever, CATHWOR (if my prof reads this by chance, I’m so sorry but it’s actually the truth). And before that class, I have a 2-hour break and I spent it earlier at the gym trying to watch PE classes and laugh at people who don’t know how to play basketball, especially those girls who don’t know how to shoot properly and scream whenever they get the chance to score. Sorry, not sorry at all. Hahaha! And played volleyball a little. Too sad ’cause I was really enjoying playing volleyball that my bracelet (which I’d like to call my lucky charm) broke and shattered into pieces. I literally feel empty whenever I’m not wearing that bracelet just sayin’.

After playing, my friends and I headed to SDA since it’s almost 4:20. We’ve been hearing people say “suspended na” but wanted to hear it from the school admin itself. And to our surprise, the securities in school are announcing that 4:20 classes onwards are already suspended. I don’t really know if I should feel happy about it, or sad ’cause I’ve waited 2 hours for nothing! Good thing I saw my high school friend Jerome who happens to be my classmate in CATHWOR. Chilled a little and unexpectedly saw another high school friend, Epi. Went to Starbucks along Vito Cruz to wait for another high school friend, Sophie and we’ve all agreed to take a cab since we’re all heading to south. It was hassle because we can’t see any available cabs since everyone’s probably panicking and hurrying to get home ’cause of the said rain. So we walked to Harrison and tried our luck with any available cabs.

There will always be funny moments whenever I’m with these people. One time earlier while we were in a crowded place, we keep yelling random names and wait for someone to look or respond. Every time we see Koreans pass by, we scream “Kim Jung” or “Kim Song Un” or any Korean names and it was really funny! And finally we saw a cab with a nice driver. Epi, being his usual funny self, opened his laptop and started playing random songs (since he’s taking up Music Production) and keeps cracking jokes.

Today wasn’t that bad after all. I hope CSB does this more often. And I also hope my friends are safe and wasn’t that hassled by the rain. Keep safe, everyone!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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