Sorry but I really have to let this out. So uhm, I’ve been seeing/hearing a lot lately about basketball and people’s opinion about Lebron or whoever and whatever, I have friends talking about NBA nonstop, and it’s actually fine with me as long as they really do know what they’re talking about.

So let’s just say, being “in” is cool, right? You’re considered cool if you’re updated with things going on.. but let’s face it, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRY REAL HARD TO BE COOL. I find it reeeeally annoying (emphasis on “really”) when I see tweets especially from girls which says “Omg! Go Spurs!!” “Nice one Lebron!!” “Game 7!!!!” and shit like that, when in fact it’s OBVIOUS that the only thing they care about is the team who wins, not the actual game play. I don’t understand why they keep doing this, do they really want to look cool? Haha not to brag but, I can tell who are really watching and who’s into the game, and who’s just pretending. Maybe, just maybe, one reason why most girls are considered “bandwagoners” is because they think guys would call them “wow chick” because she’s into basketball which is a guy thing. But come on, guys don’t think that way. Well, as far as I know.

If you’re really into the game, stop tweeting “Go Spurs!” “win that game!” “Boo Lebron!” every fucking minute ’cause girl U ain’t cute! Hahaha kidding aside. But just watch the game instead of updating twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. with nonsense basketball updates.

BUT I do respect everyone with their opinion whether how shitty it is. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s still their Twitter and their opinion. I’m just stating mine. Just a friendly reminder for all especially to girls. Happy tweeting!


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