Q&As from Tumblr!!

To my followers on Tumblr both from personal and photo dump, I won’t be posting answers there but instead, here on my WordPress account. But don’t worry ’cause I’ll be answering everything you leave on my ask!! As long as it’s not that personal and vulgar hahahaha

Here are my answers for the month of June (NAKS kala mo famous eh)

  1. Akala ko may plano ka magtryout sa badminton team ng CSB? Anyare?
  2. I still have plans, but my parents are still having second thoughts about it. But recently we had a deal, that if I’m in the Dean’s List this term, I can tryout na daw. So hopefully I can make it in the DL this term!

  3. How’s school?
  4. So far so good!! I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but this term’s so chill and petiks. No stress at all. But I can’t be relaxed since wala pa naman kami sa midterm, and I know I can feel the stress pag almost finals na talaga. But I’m really happy with my schedule despite my long breaks, and my set of professors! All my professors are nice and super considerate, buti na lang wala akong strict prof. Hehe.

  5. Hindi ka ba nahohomesick from highschool? Nakakasad ba?
  6. On my my first few weeks in college, sobrang nahomesick ako! Like I wanna be with my highschool friends every single day, lagi ako naghahanap ng gala or kahit yung simpleng pagsabay lang on our way home. Pero I tried to move on din and accepted the fact that I can’t be with them every SINGLE day, although we manage to catch up din naman. Especially to those na nasa Taft lang din, at it’s really nice na despite our universities and busy sched and new sets of friends, we still manage to have a bonding time and reminisce the past. It feels really good being with my second family.

  7. CAM! What’s in your bag (blog post) naman dyan!!!
  8. Hahaha! I’ll try to do one once I’m free with school work!

  9. Do you wear make up when going to school?
  10. If you mean make up as in from foundation to lipstick, NO. I only use lip tint, and sometimes eye liner. I never wear powders or foundations or any sort ’cause I find it really hassle!

  11. iPhone or BlackBerry?
  12. It really depends on the person. If you’re into social networking stuff or communicating thru message apps, then I think it’s better to use BB. But if you’re into different apps related to photography, games, social networking sites etc, then iPhone.

  13. Kamusta na kayo ni Chevy?
  14. Wow naks! Hahahahaha!!! We’re both fine naman. If you really want to know what’s going on between us, go to my Tumblr na lang. Haha!!


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