Happy Pierce Day

So obviously, the highlight of my day was… I got my left ear two piercings yay!!!! One bucket list, ticked! One cartilage and one just above the normal pierce (lol I dunno what’s it called hehe) and the cartilage piercing hurts as hell until now! But the pain’s worth it naman kahit papano I think hahaha and I gotta be extra careful taking care of this ’cause according to those responsible, I should take good care of this if I don’t want it to get infected or whatsoever. Let’s just hope washing it with salt and water isn’t that hassle.


My parents know nothing about this. Yep, NOTHING. I haven’t told them (yet) and I’m not pretty sure what reaction I’ll get from them. Hahaha not a badass tho!!! I just wanted to make my own decisions in life since I’m already 18 (duh) but I’m expecting a negative reaction haha growing up from the hands of a strict and religious parents, alam ko medyo lagot ako but they’ll accept it in the coming days, no doubt. Hahaha!!! And besides, wala na silang magagawa nasa tenga ko na e! But now I’m trying my really best to hide it with my hair hehe ninja moves right theeere!

And thanks to my friends, Yin and Abby for going at the tatt shop with me! I won’t be able to face it without holding their hands (literally) HAHAHAHAHA and somehow, I’m proud of myself yahoo!!!

Of course I already took some photos with my piercings hehe waht is vain.. me! Excuse my face :p



Ok bye


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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