It’s a Best Friend’s Thing

My best friend and I make it a ritual to spend time together at least once a month since we’re both busy with school and other life activities. We’ve been planning to bond the past month but only got the chance to make it happen today, thank you school for letting us be together after weeks of being loaded with school works.

We’d rather spend a day at my house, watch movies and pig out than go out, spend and hassle ourselves. So today we had pizza (c/o AD since we had a bet and I won hihi) and watched two not-so-scary movies.. too bad we didn’t have pictures together ’cause I guess we’re both overwhelmed with each other’s presence haha!

IMG_9106 (640x427)

IMG_9107 (427x640)

IMG_9108 (640x427)

IMG_9109 (640x427)

IMG_9111 (640x427)

“Horror movie” so worth the watch hahaha hottie
IMG_9118 (640x427)

Can’t believe we were able to finish one box of pizza all by ourselves hahaha #umay

I missed you BFF!! I really enjoy every moment I’m with you haha this sounds so cheesy but who cares.. I know it’s been difficult since you’re now busy being a doctor and fulfilling your dreams, same goes mine, but I really do miss those random moments we had back in high school. Huhu labyuuu


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