School Update

This term’s nothing but loads of chill sesh either alone or with friends, commons and library hits, loitering around SDA or Taft in general, observing people and mainly time-killing. I can’t say I’m having a bad term, because in fact, I’m somehow enjoying my fourth term in college despite my long ass breaks. I learned how to manage/use my time wisely, like on my five-hour breaks, instead of going home which is quite hassle, I stay in a computer lab and do my thing, or catch some sleep at the commons, or spend time with people I love hanging out with, or read a book, or just literally chill in a cozy place. This term’s not that loaded and stressful compared to the past terms (but I don’t want to say this as if I’m a hundred percent sure.. who knows, real stress awaits during finals) but I’ve been so petiks lately when it comes to academics and attendance. I’ve had so many cuts you don’t wanna know how much and why.. I’m crossing my toes and fingers I won’t regret this in the end! But my midterm grades turned out to be a-okay that’s why I’m confident as of now with my performance, and again, I hope I maintain them ’til finals!!

So anyway, this is just an update since I miss blogging on my WordPress. Haha! Can’t wait for our term break, tbh!!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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