Project Balik-Workout

It’s been a little while since I last felt so motivated and inspired in working out and actually losing weight.. I mean, I have to admit, I made myself proud the first few months of the year – I worked out pretty well, ate healthy and managed to lose some weight. But since the first term of my second year in college started and because of my loaded (and crappy) schedule, I lost time to workout or even go for a run. Yep, hassle sa muscle! My schedule this term usually starts either in the morning or afternoon, long breaks, then ends at night and so I go home really worn out.. plus I have to do some school-related stuff. Then on weekends, I honestly get too lazy to workout since it’s the only time I can rest, catch up some sleep, finish school requirements, catch up on my fave TV shows, etc. IN SHORT, I can no longer find time to workout! But then I realized, working out should be part of my so called me-time…

I’m not here to whine how ugly and fat I am hahaha because let’s all face it, we all have our insecurities, but let’s not talk about that here hehe. In all honesty, I’m so sick dealing with all these fats in my body and I’m so sick of getting jealous over hot skinny girls I see everywhere especially on Tumblr. I usually visit fitblrs (Tumblr blogs that help you feel motivated and inspired) and it actually helps, well for me. Although there are times when I just stare at them, drown myself with jealousy and insecurity, let my self-esteem fade and still say “meh I’ll workout tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow, or the next day and so on and so forth)” OR “meh, I’ll just starve myself til I get skinny.” YA FEEL ME, GIRLS??

Pictures of myself, people’s opinions about me, pictures of skinny girls, skinny girls in school and all the clothes in my closet MADE ME REALIZE THAT I’VE GOT TO STOP BEING A LAZY ASS AND START STEPPING BACK TO MY GAME. I know removing my rice and soda intake’s not enough to achieve my dream bod, I still gotta have that motivation to work my ass off!!

As much as possible, I have to manage to work a sweat at least thrice a week, or better yet, every day for better result, lessen my carb intake, drink lots of water, run/walk and (will try my best to) avoid sweets.

Here are my favorite photos that keep me going, AKA thinspiration

And my before and during version hahaha
before n after

But in the end, it’s not about being skinny.. it’s about being healthy.


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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