Party Peeps vs House Peeps

Since the biggest college party in the metro‘s happening tomorrow (aka ADHOC) and I’m not going, this post’s gonna be something related to it but hehehe PS, this is not a bitter-post just because I’m not going.. okay maybe a little :P

As you all know, I’m not much of a party-goer, but I do know how to have fun and drink and stuff related to partying. The problem is, I grew up in a conservative family and my parents aren’t fans of  those kind of parties. You might think I’ve never been into parties before.. I don’t live in a cave okay so I’ve been to different parties so please don’t judge me (defensive?! Haha). But the corny part is, I can’t drink too much (’cause I easily turn red once I had more than a shot) and I have a curfew. Well what do you expect from strict parents who don’t know how to have fun? (Joke lang ma and dad love u). But I’ve been trying my best to look at it as a good thing and actually an advantage for me, and I’m slowly realizing that my parents have a point every time they say “no” or “hanggang 12 ka lang” or “sino kasama mo?” and etc. Like what they usually say, “try to look at the bright, -er, -est side possible” ’cause whining and drowning yourself with jealousy and hatred won’t help in the process of moving on. Charaught!

So here are some words I live by that actually helps me not to feel bitter aka “the advantages of not going to a party/just staying at home”:

  1. “At least I don’t have to stress myself with what I’m going to wear or what I’d look like or who will do my face since I’m not good with makeups, etc.” Admit it, being a girl isn’t as easy as you think it is, and every event is a challenge. From the clothes we wear, makeup, shoes, perfume, etc. It’s a party where you have to dress to impress, and girls spend days and even weeks planning what to wear.. bitch please I’ve got more things to do than spend time thinking what to wear.
  2. “The party’s gonna be full of pretty skinny bitches and being in a place full of those type of girls will just lower my self-esteem from 1 to -99999.” Girls, I’m not saying that we’re ugly and we don’t belong in a crowd like that.. but let’s be honest here, some girls have low self-esteem (or is it just me?) and seeing pretty girls won’t even help so why spend a night being surrounded with perfect girls when you can just stay at home and watch movies. I’d rather not spend time saying “oh my God she has perfect ass and legs why don’t I have those” or “oh my God I feel like a potato” or “oh my God her clothes are so perfect” etc. But remember girls, we’re pretty in our own ways and that’s what’s important.
  3. “The event’s going to be so crowded and the smell of human perspiration will take over the place like a bitch.” Eew! What’s the sense of putting on designer perfumes and expensive deos when you’ll dance with strangers (who you don’t know has a strong mmhh odor) anyway?! Edi sana hindi ka na lang din naligo before going to the party. Nagsayang ka lang ng tubig, ng pabango, at ng deodorant.
  4. “I’m not a good dancer and I’m awkward at some situations.” But don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried dancing – wait, is “fist pumping in the air” even considered dancing? Hahahaha! It’s fun, yes, but at the end, your arms will hurt like a bitch ’cause the only dance you’ll get to do without looking stupid is “fist pumping”. So yeah, it’s better to stay in bed and reserve some energy.
  5. “I’m not much of a drinker.” They said it’s “free drinks” but no, you paid for those. So why would I spend for something I’m not going to benefit from? And besides, I don’t really drink because I’m allergic and I’m weak hehehe. And for others who are trying to look for reasons, just think of ABSTINENCE. For sure the Lord’s going to give you a pat on your back for not drinking (too much). Hahaha!
  6. “I don’t have to be self-conscious since good social skills is required in a big event like that.” Duh, how will I meet new people if I’m awkward, shy and don’t have self-confidence? *instert big sad face* but I’m not trying to say that I’m antisocial and I hate people.. I know how to socialize, it’s just that, there are times that I get so conscious about myself on what other people would think. Like, “shucks I didn’t brush my teeth” or “damn I doesn’t know if my grammings are correct I has to spoke in english” or in case some cute guy approaches me, at least I’m saving myself from dyahe moments like stuttering, being too OA, or if my saliva decides to land on his face, etc. But one advantage we’re definitely missing here is, meeting new people and improving our social skills. But anyway, life is a continuous process (???) which means we’ll meet new people even without going to parties duh??
  7. “Party = getting wasted.” This is what I don’t understand to party-goers. They’ll party their lives out (which is totally fine) but the next day they’ll regret everything like, “what the fuck have I gotten myself into” or “OH MY GOD HANGOVER. WHY?!” *pictures of last night ended up online, I’m screwed, oh well…*
  8. “At least I don’t go around playing tongue hockey with strangers.” Guys, you don’t have to (french) kiss random strangers and touch each other to be considered cool! Remember that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit… hahahahahahahahaha hoy totoo yan! But seriously, that’s disgusting. But remember this friends especially to girls, RESPECT YOURSELF ENOUGH IF YOU WANT OTHERS TO RESPECT YOU.

What I do at home while my friends are out having the time of their lives:

  • I catch up with my favorite TV series.
  • I listen to party music and pretend I’m with my friends hahahahaha kidding I don’t do this, this is a sign of bitterness and remember guys, WE ARE NOT BITTER
  • I catch up some sleep. Duh I’d rather rest and sleep after a week in school.
  • I read a book. 
  • I update my blog (like what I’m doing right now).
  • I talk to my friends who have same situation as mine woohoo house peeps unite!
  • I think of all the things I live by (nos. 1-7) and smile.

I don’t regret any of these and I’m not ashamed (ok a little) but come on, there are so many advantages of just staying at home. If you can very much relate to this blog post, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself just because you didn’t go to a college party or because you feel like a nerd being grounded. If you feel sad, just like what I did, list down all the pros and cons of going to a party. You’ll thank me in the end.

These are some things I live by, or what I like to call “Advantages of Not Going To a Party a Post Made By a House Peep”. But please don’t take this message the wrong way, I do respect other people’s opinion and this definitely doesn’t mean that I am against parties and all that.. Have a good stay at home! Hahaha!

You don’t wanna end up looking like these, do you?






But at the end of the day, it’s still you who decides for yourself. And don’t stop yourself from having fun! Like what they say, “YOLO!!” and “We’re too young to care.”

Credits to my best friend, AD hiiii


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