October’s My Bitch

The past few months were definitely a rollercoaster ride for me – I’ve dealt with so many life challenges that I didn’t know I’d encounter in the first place. And yes, I’m talking about family but I’m glad I overcame and stayed strong ’til the end! And now, I’m starting this month with a big smile on my face and a heart full of hope and goals. But I guess I’m too blessed since October’s just starting and God’s granting me life-gifts already hehehe couldn’t be more thankful!!

This term, I realized I can’t stay being orgless (a student with no organizations) which means I can’t be boring and live a lame life for the rest of my college life, so I tried out (for the second time) in joining the official press of my college, The Benildean Press Corps under layout section. I was unmotivated the last time I joined, and honestly, I had no idea on what I was going to do or what to expect. I took the exam without even reviewing and luckily I reached the interview part but it was somehow devastating that I didn’t get in. But this time I tried and told myself I’m going to own it and give my everything just to get the part I’ve always wanted. I’ve submitted three of my works as a sample…


Not really my actual best but at least hehe.. I’ve reached the exam part and I pulled an all nighter reviewing all the layout printing terms and made a back-to-back one page yellow pad reviewer, but it’s like there were only 5 items from my reviewer that are actually in the test. Hahahaha STILL WORTH IT. Then I’ve reached the interview part, since I’m familiar with the editors, it was kind of a chill question and answer segment, but still gave my best and answered like a beauty queen with a huge ass smile on my face. Then last Saturday around 10 pm, I found the best fucking news ever oh my God

Omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!! Too happy I cannot……

And another thing I’ve been grateful for is because of this one guy who’s been with me for the past 10 months. Just too happy that we’re getting stronger and closer than ever as days go by. Da who? It’s for you to find out hihi ;)

So how’s your month so far?? :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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