Question of the Day


Didn’t know anyone would bother asking this question hehe but anyways, here’s my answer:
It actually depends on what specific course you’re planning to take. Well for my course, Multimedia Arts is more on digital arts which I like because I was exposed to technology at an early age. I got hooked on animated films as a kid, until I grew and got curious on everything around me that has something to do with technology, media and art. But don’t get me wrong ’cause Multimedia Arts is not only about the “modern art” but you’ll also get to learn more about the traditional way, which is fun and challenging yay!

For those who are planning to take up Multimedia Arts specifically in Benilde, I encourage you to take this course not because YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE kasi omg I swear this is one of the toughest and most challenging courses according to them. Sabi nga nila, “matira matibay” ’cause a lot of undecided students give up in the middle of their journey. Take this course if you’re really into all types of art. You gotta love what you’re doing, they said. Of course you’ll enjoy and really learn a lot. Tiyaga lang talaga.

Good luck to high school students who are prepping for their college life!! I hope this post helped you somehow, anon. Hehe :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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