Throwback Thursday x Oldschool Jams

Got this idea when I unconsciously (yes, unconscious talaga) listened to some of my favorite old school hiphop songs, then I thought, “Damn these songs are irreplaceable”, and I kinda wanted to make everyone listen to some of it and appreciate the old school Kanye, Neyo, Beyonce, etc. and since everyone’s into the latest jams, which is I personally think has a big difference from the 2006 music (2005 or so, more love. 2012 til present, more pussy and bitches). I’m not really pertaining to super oldschool jams hahaha you might be expecting some 70s jams or whatsoever. I’m sure you’ve heard most of the songs I’ll be throwing back. This blog post will only happen every Thursday, because DUH “Throwback Thursday.” And I’m also adding these as one of the categories which you can find at the right side of this page! Yay hope you guys enjoy reminiscing the past with me thru the coming posts hahaha chos!!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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