Watsup November

I haven’t been blogging for a while and I seriously feel bad for my blog. Medyo inaamag na ‘tong wordpress ko hahaha! I owe a lot of stories and updates to my readers (kala mo naman.. lol) and I was crazy busy, sick and just lazy to update my blog the past few days, call me a bad blogger now ok. But cheers ’cause I’m back!!

So what have I been up to this November (randomly in bullets) YAY!

  • I’ve been busy with my org residency lately (if you’ve read my previous blog posts you’d know I got accepted in my dream org as a layout artist) and I’ve been really edgy on how to maximize my 10-hours-a-week in the office. What do I do in the office for hours? For now, I study everything about InDesign and layout shiznit and familiarize myself with the environment, and so far I’m getting used to it hehehe.. Hope I become a regular staffer soon!
  • Basically school works. I have less plates this term, more on digital and paper (research) works since I have to majors this term – Communication Research and Graphic class. Sort of chill but I know I have to give my best since it’s a major subject!
  • Thinking about having my own online business shop with my friends since we all need extra income, we’re artists so it’d be an advantage for us, and also experience! I’ve seen a lot of online shops specifically on Instagram managed by students and one of my faves is Black Bakery (syempre nag endorse na ko lol) and Wasteland MNL. Really hoping I’d be one of them, soon! Haha push ko to!
  • Feelin lucky and blessed to be spending the 11th month of the year with the same guy who’s been keeping the smile on my face since December last year! We’ve been thru the most serious arguments this month but glad how we managed to patch things up and be better and stronger! Yay!! Cheers to 11th month +++ :)

How’s your November, so far? :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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