What’s Up December!!!!!!!

I’ve been literally crazy busy the past few weeks that I haven’t groomed myself because I have no time left for my “me-time”, and I’m not even exaggerating! (By grooming myself I mean cleaning/painting my nails OK) The week before finals which I’d like to call Hell Week, was the most stressful week in my entire college life, I swear to God. And it’s because of the said “new curriculum” in my course and college, that they made my batch guinea pigs for the “new curriculum”. They’re the one who’s adjusting, NOT US. Hahaha okay enough with the rant. They don’t know how much we’ve been through for that defense and I’m too happy right now that I passed my first thesis defense in college!

One straight week of sleepless nights and several breakdowns definitely paid off! Being an art student isn’t as easy as most people think it is.. and I think I’m nailing it!!

Couldn’t say I’m totally free with all the workload, ’cause in fact I still have org works to finish. Wanna know a secret? I still haven’t started with my layout yet that’s due tomorrow ’cause I’m currently installing Adobe InDesign TRIAL!!! Fuck me right?? I’m a little panicky right now but it’s cool, I think I’ll be pulling off an all nighter tonight because FUCK THIS SHIT.

But since I’m already done with my designs, excuse me while I brag all my finished designs for my MMGRAPH1 (graphics) class..

Three website interface and twelve marketing materials for my Communication Research class. My topic was about lack of school infrastructure in public schools and my chosen medium was a web info. Hehe

And I made a fashion magazine which I named Fashion Blvd for my Graphic class finals yaaay!!! And btw, it caused me 580 bucks for the printing ouch but it was worth the bucks weee!! Btw, those are lorem ipsum if you’re wondering (dummy text) since my prof advised I can use dummies since he understands our situation that time hahaha


Happy that I passed all my major classes, but I’m nervous as hell for my general subjects (minors) since I paid full attention on my defense. Hope I pass all my subjects this term!!!!!!!! :'(

One more left on my to-do list (org works) and I’m officially done with this term!!!!! Can’t wait for Christmas vacation yaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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