Why I Love Christmas

  • It’s the time of the year where I get to be with both sides of my family and do lots of catching up since we’ve all been busy the with school and work past few months
  • I get to pig out with an excuse (but I’ll def regret it after the holidays hahaha)
  • This is the season where I only get to eat lechon!!!!!
  • Young moolah babyyy! Hahahaha!! Most likely I get a little filthy rich because I always ask cash as a gift hehehe. And my family has this weird tradition in every reunion, we fall in line and all titos and titas hand us money worth 20-100. And take note, they’re about 5-10 titos and titas. Not bad ryyyt!
  • Stress-free season since my Christmas starts as my term in school ends. Fuckin’ workload-free!!
  • I just love unwrapping all my gifts!! I even beg my mom to unwrap her gifts because it’s just too fun!!! Tearing ’em papers like there’s no tomorrow!!
  • I love the scent of our Christmas tree! (Yes ours has a scent don’t hate)
  • I love decorating our tree no matter how painful my back gets. Dem ballz worth it!!
  • I love how our garden spark with all the Christmas lights!
  • Christmas is sweater season!!!
  • I love how sparkly every town gets during these days!
  • I enjoy making my wishlist although I know there’s a tiny bitsy chance I’ll receive everything on the list. Next Christmas maybe?
  • There’s something really fun and calming about Christmas carols
  • Food everyfuckingwhere!!

About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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