Lookback 2013

‘Twas supposed to sound like lookbook.nu but oh well.


This 2013…

  • I was able to go back to badminton and actually trained for a week or so. Badminton has been my fave sport ever since and if only I could play every day, I would!
  • Not to brag, but, this year, I lost the biggest weight I could ever since I started this “weight loss program” which started a few years ago. I’m just so proud of myself that I’m healthier than ever and finally got to lose the weight I’ve been wanting to lose!
  • Got high grades in all my majors for how many terms, but sadly, it was also my first (and hopefully my last) to get a failing grade in one general subject. Hoping and will definitely work hard for better and higher grades this coming terms!
  • I got to be in one of the best and most well-known organization in my college which is the official press in school, Benildean Press Corps. As days and months pass, I’m starting to realize that it’s not just about an organization, but also a family.
  • Attended friends’ debut which brought me and my friends closer. Especially when it’s a high school thing ’cause we get to be reunited even just for a night.
  • Had my debut and saw all my friends get together!
  • Experienced my first college party.
  • Had countless outings with my family and it was just priceless!
  • Finally went to Enchanted Kingdom with my college friends ’cause we’ve been all planning for this for months!
  • Met this guy who became my best friend and now the closest person in my heart right now. He has been part of every single day of my 2013, which made my year extra special. Did random, crazy, and new things with this guy, and shared our most down moments with each other as well. Truly am blessed to have this guy in my life.. it’s been a year!
  • Went to new places for the first time!!!!
  • Met new people!

Can’t remember everything but trust me, I tried my best!! How about you, what are the things you did this 2013?


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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