Adventure Day x Makati Hits

The original plan was, I’d wait for Chevy’s dismissal which was around 3 pm, and head straight to Greenbelt to meet my friend Alli (I think she’s also with her guy) then go to the museum. But unfortunately, Chevy and I were dismissed a little late so I told Alli to just take the tour without us since we’ll be arriving a little later than the plan. Met up with Chev at Taft around 3, took the LRT and MRT to Ayala then headed straight to the museum ’cause the gallery’s only til 6 pm. I brought my Canon 650D ’cause I was really expecting I could take pictures inside the museum. But sadly, it wasn’t allowed. So Chevy and I just toured around like we were kids on a fieldtrip and made fun of some of the statues hahaha. It was Chevy’s first time to visit a museum so he was acting all sophisticated and observant and I was happy about it ’cause I thought he’d get bored. Glad he didn’t!! All in all we both had a great time and little bitin! Still sad I didn’t get to take pictures though..

Went out to chill a little while planning where to eat. Since I bought my camera, we decided to take pictures of everything including us. But my cam acted up and I honestly didn’t know how to fix the settings!!! So the pictures we took were pure crap because of such low quality hahaha apologies for my poor photography skills. So anyway, Chevy tried being the photographer ’cause he was too amazed with the cam and the place haha such a cutie. Then later I found out I can restart the camera settings by just a click. Damn it.

And oh did I mention I left my memory card at home ’cause I was in a hurry earlier today.. I only found out my camera was empty when I got to school and I was so pissed at myself for being so stupid. Good thing I have a photographer friend in the org office and was too nice to lend me his memory card! Thanks, G! You’re heaven sent!!

So I apology for the crappy photos hahahaha I tried my best..



Chevy’s shots of the museum hahaha *clap clap*


That talikogenic guy doe ❤ HAHA!

Pigged out at Sbarro Glorietta and laughed our asses off right after eating hahaha medyo kinabag ako hindi sa pagkain e. Sa kakatawa

We didn’t get to take photos of ourselves though how sad. Went home at around 9 and I’m literally exhausted from all the walking and laughing we did. This day’s definitely one for the books!!


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