Yay I’m 19!!

Celebrated my birthday with the best guy, only it was the day before my official birthday cause my day falls on a Sunday and it’s family day! But this might be the best birthday celebration I had in years!! Yup, better than my debut.

Woke up to an emergency text from my NSTP groupmates telling me to go to school since the grading sheet is with me and we might all fail if I didn’t go so I rushed to Taft and just brought clothes so I could change after. It was so hassle and I almost got pissed cause I really hate last minute announcements. But anyways, tried keeping my cool since I still have a long day! Went straight to Chevy’s house to change and chit chatted with his mom for a while. For a minute there, we both got a bit lazy to head out cause of the intense heat!

I didn’t eat anything yet that day so I was really hungry, to think that we left at around 2 something, so much for being punctual.. I didn’t eat on purpose cause it’s pig out day yehaay!!! Bought tickets for the 6 pm show of Captain America first then headed straight to Chili’s for late lunch. Chevy and I were arguing the whole time whether we’d eat there for lunch or dinner.. Ended up having lunch cause we’re both starving already.

I could eat their unli chips forevaaaa!!!! <3

I think the waiter noticed us taking selfies so he offered a hand to take photos of us hehe so nice

Took summer-selfies after eating! You’ve no idea how long it took us to be satisfied with these photos hahaha

Chilled for a while since we’re so busog to function, then decided to play at Time Zone hehe felt like a kid again.. And medyo nag sayang lang kami ng pera, but anyway, the fun was definitely worth the moolah. We waited for 6 pm since the movie starts at 6:30.. We’re too henyo for taking out the unli chips at Chili’s and ate it in the cinema #TipidWise

I felt like a stage mom proudly taking photos of his happy son. Hahahaha hay nako…

Walked a bit more to kill time and decided to play again at Time Zone. Medyo nakakapagod siya in all fairness. Then it was around 11 when we decided to have dinner at Yellow Cab in our area. We waited til 12, but when it was already around 11 something, I kept asking what time is it but Chev didn’t want to spoil so I just waited.. When it was already 12, he kept jumping like a kid on New Year’s Eve and hugged me and kept greeting me a happy birthday hahahaha also loved his birthday speech ;)


Best birthday salubong! Thanks for this day, Chebman! :)


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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8 Responses to Yay I’m 19!!

  1. Happy Birthday to u 🎉🎉🎉 I mean tomorrow but i can’t wait so….😁

  2. That looks like heaven, what other way would you want to spend your birthday… Potentially a pizza is needed, but apart from that, perfection.

  3. Happy belated birthday! That looked like the best day ever! Pizza instead of birthday cake foreverrrrr…or maybe sushi instead of birthday cake because that is pretty nice ;)

    • Camille Ortiz says:

      Thank you so much for the greeting!!! Hell yeah, I’d choose pizza over cake any day!! Haha I had unlimited sushi on my birthday, too!! How did you know that??? Lol

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