Current Must-Haves!!

Studying in a non-uniform art school is a total challenge for me.. I’ve gone through different fashion phases which I totally regret, worst phase was in my freshman year when I have no clue on what statement I’d stick to. I’ve gone from skater-girl look to jeans-plus-shirt look. I regret those “fashyown” days where I’d wear mini shorts with black stockings and combat boots with tank top and over-sized maong sleeveless. YES, that outfit in one day and I’d call it FASHION. May maisuot lang for photoshoots ’cause that’s our thing way back in my first year in college. One word: KADIRI. Where did I even get the guts to wear those kind of clothes?! Hahaha!

But now I am a proud junior student who dresses nicely and decent to school. I’m a changed woman, according to my mom. Hahahaha!!! Anyway, I’d still thank my freshman self for being my motivation to work on my sense in fashion. Hehe.

My current must-haves, which I think is a total must-haves for every girl!

  1. High-waist skinnies
    What’s not to love about skinnies? They’re super comfy and makes every girl’s legs look sexier and slimmer. High-waisted cuts make them look sleek and sexier. I need to buy more pairs since most of my pairs are becoming too loose for me.. I hate loose skinnies SMH
  2. Crop tops / Midriffs / Loose tops
    I used to be so insecure about my legs, hips and stomach, but happy to say I’m more confident about them and started wearing these. It’s super comfy and accentuates the hip and waist part, too.
    proxy (1)
  3. (Over-sized) Plaids
    They never get old. You can actually use it as a basic top or outwear or even an accessory where you tie them around your waist!
    proxy (2)
  4. Plain white tees
    You can never go wrong with a plain white tee. Loose or fit, it always has this magic that makes a woman look sexier without trying too much.
    proxy (3)
  5. Jumpers
    Casual &&&& chic!!
  6. Sandals / Loafers / Flats / Top-siders
    Need I say more?! Haha!
    proxy (6)

  7. White sneakers
    Personal rule, don’t pair skinny jeans with sneakers. This one’s the only exception. White sneaks definitely looks pretty on anything even on high-waist jeans. Simple but uber chic!
    proxy (5)
  8. Purses
    Because there’s a day when all you need is your make up kit, phone and wallet..
    proxy (7)

How about you, what are your must-haves? :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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