Lighter & Happier Me!

I’ve been receiving tons of questions and compliments on how I lost weight the past few months. At first it was really flattering for people to actually notice, but it somehow bothered me how that compliment slowly turns into an insult or maybe something I should worry about.

The nonstop “Cam pumayat ka grabe what did you do?” to “Cam sobrang payat mo na you look unhealthy” really did bother me.

But at some point, I was happy and contented with what I achieved for over a year. I couldn’t believe ’til now that I was considered almost a pound away from being overweight few years back. I was depressed because of my weight and my physical appearance, I was confused and insecure about myself and came to the point where I was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa. Yup, you read that right! Only a few people I trust knew that story but anyway, that was my immature and insecure self and I’ve moved on already.

Losing the weight wasn’t easy at all. People keep asking “how did you lose all the weight?!” when the answer’s pretty simple: a clean diet and regular exercise. But let me dedicate this post to all those who are wondering what I’ve gone through and what are the things I sacrificed to actually meet the goal I’ve been wanting since day 1.

I sacrificed things and I’ve gone through a lot for me to achieve what I have right now: I removed soda, rice and some sweets from my daily intake. I know a lot of people question me this, “how did you survive the no-rice diet?” I didn’t actually expect succeed with it, maybe that’s just out of desperation.. I went back to badminton training for one whole summer and the training’s no joke. I experienced almost collapsing cause of the intensity of our cardio and drills, but I honestly enjoyed since badminton’s always been my favorite sport. I made running around the village a part of my daily routine, except of course on training days. But after my badminton training session last summer 2012, I still made sure to continue to jog and workout at home. They say you need to go to the gym to lose weight, I say not cause you don’t know the power of downloadable workout videos on YouTube. Haha! Whether you’re at home or at the gym, it actually doesn’t matter cause what’s important is your eagerness and motivation.

I think I got used to the no-rice diet and got a little obsessed with working out that I kind of went overboard. Yup, I met my goal weight (#TheDream). I kept losing weight and everyone’s starting to notice, as they say, hard work pays off! The moment I hit my goal weight, I stopped everything. I started to eat rice and sweets again (still, no soda), I stopped working out and even got lazy to even jog. Although I manage to squeeze in some workouts for muscle toning.

What bothers me most is when people started to say I look “skinny”, and by skinny they meant unhealthy thin and asked if I was sick or something. I honestly didn’t know how to take those in..

I’m not even trying anymore! My mom said my metabolism changed because of the diet I did a year ago. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but I’m eating everything I can because I wanted to gain some few pounds back. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my body right now.. Though there are times I wish I had thinner legs because that’s always been my problem.

At the end of the day, weight and physical appearance don’t matter that much as long as I’m happy especially with the people around me. As long as I’m eating and doing the right things, I’m healthy and couldn’t be more contented.

In case you’re wondering how I looked few years back.. Here’s some before and after photos!!




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3 Responses to Lighter & Happier Me!

  1. Jae says:

    Cam, this is like the story of my life except being bulemic (or maybe I did get to that point, but I was unaware). Anyway, please don’t lose any more weight. You’re as you are now; lose some more, and you’ll look haggard and older. I didn’t believe this myself until I saw photos my photos from that time I was underweight. I know it feels good, but it can get exhausting at some point.

    Shameless plug: this was me when I went 40lbs lighter in one year.

    • Camille Ortiz says:

      Grabe ate Jae oo nga! You look so thin and unhealthy sa photos. Can I see your before pics din?? Sometimes I want to lose more weight pa, or parang there are specific body parts na I want to slim down. Pero I’m scared din at the same time cause I’m starting to look unhealthy and haggard na nga, as what my friends tell me. I’m trying to gain back some weight, pero parang hindi ko kaya every time naririnig ko sinasabi sakin na “parang tumaba ka ulit?” I’m scared to reach that point again. Though alam kong medyo malayo na nga ako sa before. :(

      • Jae says:

        Have you seen my before photos? It took me a year to shed off the unwanted weight. I was lucky kasi I started long before I got engaged, kaya hindi naging mahirap sa’kin maglose in preparation for the wedding.

        Sobrang addicted ako sa cardio nun. Every day, I’d run after work until sinabihan ako ng project manager (na marathon runner) namin na ‘wag ko araw-arawin dahil baka mapudpod yung tuhod ko.

        It all boils down to what you stuff in your mouth and what activities you do to keep those calories burning. Tama ka na you don’t have to enroll to a fancy gym to get fit—that’s a common misconception. In fact, at least 30 minutes lang na exercise a day is enough for your metabolism.

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