Why I Love Christmas Season

  1. I love going out during the Holiday Season ⎼ may it be for Christmas shopping or just hanging out with friends. The streets are busy and everyone seems to be so hyped for the Holidays! You can just feel the Christmas vibe everywhere. Except the traffic and criminals, yikes!
  2. The cold & cozy weather!!!! This is the season I can finally wear my hoodies, sweaters and long sleeves without struggling and hassling too much.
  3. The city looks so alive cause of the Christmas lights!
  4. Since everyone’s on a break, I get to spend more time catching up with friends I haven’t seen for months due to busy schedules in school and work.
  5. Christmas season is workload-free season!!!!
  6. And it only means I can finally catch up on my favorite TV series and movies without thinking of any unaccomplished school works.
  7. Christmas parties!
  8. I have a big family and we only get to see each other on special occasions. Christmas is definitely one of those special occasions. I love attending family reunions and get-togethers, minus the part where relatives keep asking personal stuff about me, haha!
  9. This is officially the first year I spent my own money buying gifts for my family and a few close friends.. And can I just say I love the feeling of spending time actually making a list and personally buying gifts for each one of them?! But is it normal to feel the guilt after spending?
  10. Nope, I don’t like the gift-wrapping part. I’m the worlds worst and laziest gift-wrapper.
  11. Opening gifts!!!!
  12. ‘Tis the season to be chubby, fa la la la la la la! Nope, I’m not gaining weight this time, but I can’t resist the food which I only get to see once a year! (Read: lechon, ham, etc.)
  13. This year, I officially started attending Simbang Gabi. Today was the last day, but sad cause I missed one mass. It’d be great if I completed 9 masses, but I think the most important part is the sacrifice and dedication. Also, I get to attend masses with my favorite person! Hopefully I complete everything next year!

The list goes on and on and on! I have so many things I love about Christmas!!! Really hoping everyone’s excited as I am.

How about you, what are the things you love about Christmas?? :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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