Sleepover with my Chikas

You wouldn’t believe this, but in my 19 (almost 20) years of existence, I’ve never gone to any sleepover unless it’s in my home.. That’s how strict my parents are. I kind of hate how they restrict me from enjoying my college life, but some days I just realize it’s always for the better. Like what they say, parents knows best.

I’ve been missing out on a lot of hangouts and dates with my 2 college best friends, so we all decided to have a sleepover at my house! Though I haven’t asked my parents’ permission just yet, go na agad ako since I was thinking “duh naman!? Pag ako hindi pa pinayagan dito ewan ko na lang!” Abby and Yin are living far from my place but I love how they came out of their way to go to my place and spend time together.

On our first day at home, we had a photoshoot at the park. I didn’t really expect they’d like the place but for some reason, they loved everything about my “home”. Medyo dyahe moments lang when we were at the park kasi medyo gasgas na siyang photoshoot place, but what the hell, I’m with my girls and we were having the time of our lives. Hahaha!

Photobooth while prepping for the “photoshoot”

Some outtakes from out shoot. Thank God Abby brought her lens! Perks of having a photographer bestie hehe


One of my fave candid photos! Yup, candid talaga yan


Love this photo so much!

Then we decided to walk a bit more to look for ihawan #FoodTrippings! So happy cause we passed by a wall that’s so Instagram worthy so we decided to take photos and grab the opportunity.. Kahit na ang daming dumadaang car and everyone’s probably judging us that time. Haha so worth it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.28.57 PM


Went home, chilled for a while and went to the grocery before dinner to buy snacks and alcohol since we wanted to drink and “mag walwal” but ended up sleeping early because the alcohol kicked in earlier than we expected. We made gummy bear vodka.. Which I hated btw. And Chevy (my guy bff) joined us while drinking but had to leave early. Also, our friend Ernest dropped by but also had to leave early. We also got to Skype with our two closest blockmates Jerome and Marvin cause that’s how much we missed each other!!


Abby and I stayed up til 3 cause we watched Gone Girl on my laptop while Yin slept early sobrang baduy.

The next day was kind of sad cause we have to cherish the time left. We chilled at a milktea place near my house and guess who joined us!! Chevy.. Again hahaha Mr. Driver eh

Just Abby being her usual self

My clique (Minus Abby)

My fave photo of Chevy hahaha

Sadly we had to separate ways that day.. It was hard & sad for me cause everything’s back to normal. Sobrang hangover when I came in my room, so quiet and peaceful. Definitely doing this again!!

This is just one of the few group photos we had :(


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