Veckatimest Turns 4

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Didn’t notice it’s already my 4th year blogging with WordPress! And it’s been almost 8 years since I started blogging.. I can still remember my dedication to my Multiply account. Sadly they had to shut down without notice so I wasn’t able to save some of my published/uploaded files. Then I transferred to Tumblr but got too lazy since Tumblr’s not my type of blogging environment. Though I still use Tumblr til now as my photo dump hehe you can check it out, the link’s on my widgets!

2011 was the year I became a solid fan of Saab Magalona and her blog, that was the time when her blog wasn’t full of promotions and giveaways yet, just the plain diary-like blog. And was inspired to put up my own blog through WordPress. I honestly had a hard time settling cause it’s sort of complicated – with the theme, how I manage my posts, etc. But all is well naman hehe. Got used to it din after a few months. I was really dedicated to blogging cause I was hoping I’d be recognized from this. It came to the point where I tried blogging paid ads to see how it works, but sadly it didn’t work out for me. So I sticked with the diary-like blogging where I just post stuff based from experiences or whatsoever.

Confession: I have accounts in Blogger, LiveJournal and a few in Tumblr but I sticked with WordPress idek why.

Sometimes I think about transferring to other blog hosts or transferring everything to my own domain which I use for school, but I’m really having a hard time and I know it would be a lot of work. Hello, ilan na ba posts ko dito!? It would be a waste of time and effort. So I thought, wag na lang I love my blog now hehehe though I need more improvements and alterations. Also, one thing I hate about WordPress is its limited features. I can’t upgrade to Premium since I don’t pay my own bills (yet). If sa Tumblr lang, I can edit and tweak the codes of my theme, pero dito nada. So I have to stick with free themes instead. Though there are few good themes I can settle with.

Anyway, one of my New Year’s Resolution (again) is to be more active blogging and to post more from experiences and adventures and heartbreaks.. Chos lang yung heartbreaks!! Kind of proud with my blog hits actually, but I know I can do better.

Happy 4th birthday Veckatimest!!!!

BTW, I know most of you are wondering where I got my blog title ‘Veckatimest’ and how it’s pronounced. Veckatimest is the album of one of my fave bands Grizzly Bear. I kept listening to the album for a month, and when I’m starting to put up this blog, I’ve nothing in my mind on what title to use so I sticked with the album name. Also dedicating this 4-year journey to Grizzly Bear! Haha! You pronounce it as ve-ka-tee-mest.


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