Camille Goes to Singapore

It was my second trip out of the country, and I gotta be honest, this was way better than Hong Kong last year. My family and I stayed in Singapore from January 24-27 to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. It was bitin since we only stayed there for 4 days cause almost all of us left work and school for the vacation. Though bitin, couldn’t deny that everyone enjoyed the vacation!

I didn’t get to take pictures that much because I promised myself to work on my first travel vlog that’s supposedly my second but failed my first attempt when we traveled to Hong Kong. It was a hassle since 1) my DSLR’s too heavy, 2) my memory card’s only capable of taking photos kaya sobrang limited lang ng videos, it’s like I’m taking videos for Instagram cause of the 15-second time limit and 3) I had to take pictures on my iPad mini for Instagram purposes so I had to switch between iPad and DSLR from time to time. Hopefully next time I’m using GoPro na *hi mommy!* I was desperate for a perfect candid travel vlog so I had no choice but to make some footages scripted. Hahahaha! I wasn’t supposed to spill it out pero hindi naman halata diba?

Day 1:
Woke up real early for our 6 am flight, everyone’s rushing because mom, who’s supposed to wake us up, overslept and she’s blaming her late flight back from Bangkok that night. Since everyone’s rushing, we didn’t get the chance to eat breakfast at all and I thought we’d grab snacks at the airport like what we usually do, but we didn’t.. So I was in a really bad mood the whole time we’re waiting. The only thing I liked about the flight is the eating part. I gotta be honest, I liked the food they served FOR THE FIRST TIME, kuddos to PAL for serving tapsi with my fave vinegar! The rest of the flight was for sleeping. We arrived at Changi around 9 am, and then took a cab to the hotel. Everyone relaxed for an hour or so while mom and dad checked out the map and took notes of the places we’re visiting. We had chicken rice for lunch and it was the bomb!!!! I even went for a second round because it was that good. After eating, we took the MRT and walked to Merlion Park but found out it was under renovation. A lot of walking happened that day.. We even took a break and fell asleep under a bridge on our way to Singapore Flyer.

Day 2:
I don’t usually wake up at morning unless it’s for school.. And buffet breakfast!!! The plan was to relax half of the day and then go to Night Safari. After having breakfast, sister, mom and I went to the gym to squeeze in a little workout while my dad and little brother bond over swimming. We all went out after lunch and only decided to have lunch around 3 since we’re all full from the hearty breakfast. We went to Lucky Plaza to buy some pasalubong, only to find out it was the place where most Pinoys hangout! It was funny because you could hear people speaking Bisaya and Tagalog everywhere. We went straight back to the hotel after having lunch to prepare for our Night Safari trip. A van picked us up and dropped us off at the Night Safari a little too early before it opens, so we had the time to chill and grab snacks while waiting for the place to open. There was a fire dance performance and found out that the performers were Pinoys! Woo Filipino pride all the way to SG, haha! We went in and started the exciting tour around 8 pm. Too bad I only have a few snaps of the tour because it was too dark and flash photography isn’t allowed.

Day 3:
Universal Studios!!!!! Loved all the rides especially Transformers, The Revenge of the Mummies & Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure! Too bad Battlestar Galactica was under repair, that was the top ride I was looking forward to. Other than that, I enjoyed the entire tour!

Day 4:
Flight back home.. Sad.

Everything in Singapore is perfect, not to mention how organized everything and everyone are. Their traffic system is waaay better than the Philippines, and the people are so disciplined. People are nicer compared to the people in Hong Kong that’s for sure, but Filipinos will always be my favorite crowd, no bias. Haha! We even made a friend who happened to be our driver and the only one who toured us around. His name is Jai, I think he’s Indian. We didn’t know he can speak Tagalog until he mentioned the word “opo” accidentally. According to him, he’d been to the Philippines a few times already and he admired Pinoys even in Singapore. He loves touring Pinoys around his place that’s why he treasures his tricycle and jeepney toys displayed on his dashboard. He was soooo nice that he even picked us up at the hotel on our last day and dropped us off at the airport. Before we part ways, he asked if he can take a picture of us on his phone to keep as a remembrance and use it as my dad’s contact photo on his phone. Sobrang cute I wanna hug him!! We also took a selfie on my dad’s phone! Hehe. He’s my favorite person we encountered in Singapore, I’m really hoping we’d see him again on our next visit. :)

I’m so happy I got to spend those happy times with my family. This trip is definitely one for the books! #FamilyForever ❤︎


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