Thank you, 2016


Wow, I’m blogging again. I’m starting from scratch because the old domain expired and I just don’t feel like renewing it for some reason (read: cost cutting).

Anyway, it’s been one hell of a ride, 2016!! I’m welcoming 2017 with a happy and grateful heart, like I always do. Now since I’ve been MIA for the whole year, let me list down all the things happened to me this 2016. (I’ll try my best to remember every little thing)

  • I got into STATUS Media as an art intern and got to do all the things I’ve always loved doing – illustration, typography, magazine editorial layout and a lot more.
  • I also got to cover an event (& attend!) Graphika Manila for the first time ever. It was extra fun cause I had a media pass (meaning I got an entrance pass for FREE) and took photos of all the speakers for 2 days.
  • I got to complete all my remaining units, last being the MMA-OJT. After completing everything, I was on my final step before graduating – exit interviews and graduation applications.
  • I was already on vacation mode starting around April. But since I don’t want to slack off, I already started scouting for companies I want to apply to. My goal was to have a company accept me before I officially graduate.
  • WHICH I DID! I only applied a few companies I really like. One of those is Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the top advertising agencies in the Philippines. I really didn’t make it such a big deal and really didn’t expect anything from it because DUH. But I submitted an email just to try my luck. A week later, I received a message inviting me over for an interview. My first ever interview as a fresh grad went GREAT!
  • A month later, I was accepted in ACE SAATCHI & SAATCHI as a DIGITAL ART DIRECTOR. So surreal!
  • Spent my last summer vacation as an unemployed individual babysitting my little brother and going with him to his badminton clinics 3x a week.
  • Spent the Holy Week in Clark, Pampanga with my family and Chevy. It was super fun since it was my first out-of-town trip with Chevy.
  • I received my first paycheck and as a tradition, I treated my family in Sambokojin, one of our favorite go-to buffets. I also treated Chevy to Yabu and to the movies!
  • Went to Quezon Province for 3 days with my friends and Chevy. We didn’t get to enjoy the beach hopping that much because of the bad weather but I definitely had a good time since it was my first out-of-town trip without my parents!
  • What made the trip also memorable was because my tooth/gums were in pain the entire trip!! Talk about great timing. But I really tried my best to enjoy the trip and not let the pain ruin everything.
  • My company, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi’s known for holding cool office parties. The first party I got to attend was super fun because of the new people I met. Also, it was the first time I almost got drunk. I don’t really drink but that night I think I had about 5-7 shots of Cuervo. I didn’t know how I stayed through the night but glad Chevy picked me up after the party.
  • My first official sleepover was at Chevy’s!!!! (After the office party)
  • Got regularized as a Digital Art Director under Activations department just this December.
  • Met awesome officemates, who are more like college buddies to me because of our age differences!
  • Parents allowed me to own and actually take care of a puppy. Chico was my first ever mini dachshund but unfortunately, he didn’t make it after a week because of parvo. Still thinking about getting a new one because I’m honestly still scared to be attached again. :(
  • Chevy got his first job ever!!!! And now I’m thrilled because we’re both working already! Yay to adulthood!
  • Went to Singapore with a friend/officemate I became super close with, Steph. It was my first out-of-the-country without my family and I felt so independent and capable. It was my dad and mom’s graduation gift to me! Oh, which reminds me, I really should work on that video trip hehe
  • Spent Christmas in Baguio with the family except for my sister since she left just last November to Virginia, USA for work.
  • Still with Chevy after 4 years!!!! Counting to 5!!!

That’s it, I guess.

Thank you, 2016! So thrilled to see what’s in store for 2017.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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4 Responses to Thank you, 2016

  1. CrayStupidLove says:

    Congrats ☺️ here’s to 2017 x

  2. What a great year that was, Camille. 😊 I wish you more happy moment this 2017.

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