January 11 falls on a Wednesday, unlucky me I had work that day while Chevy’s on leave. I spent the day in the office while Chevy ran some errands and did some chores, talk about a productice birthday. We really didn’t know the plan yet and I was forcing him to pick me up in Makati but unfortunately, his car’s number coding. So the plan was to meet up at Alabang Town Center since it’s pretty convenient to travel from Makati to Alabang.

I left the office at exactly 6PM, rushed to Glorietta to buy him a gift (I didn’t want to come unpreppared and I didn’t get the chance to buy him one the past few days because I was sick) thankfully it only took me 30 minutes. Took the shuttle straight to Alabang, which only took me about 45 minutes to get there.

It was a simple Japanese dinner with Chevy and his family, a “tradition” we’ve been doing ever since. We ate at Nanbantei, ATC. Chevy wasn’t expecting any gifts which made me giddy because I love surprising him!!

We’ve been spending 5 consecutive birthdays together, well techincally 4, and it makes me so happy cause it only brings me closer not just to him but also to his family. Can you believe we started dating when he was 18 and now he’s already 23?! Where did the time go…

Snippets from my Snapchat:

Chev and I’s fave!


Look who’s happy with his new shoes!!


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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