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Party Hard, Study Harder

“You’re in college! Have fun, go to parties, go home late, ditch classes, date boys, get drunk, go on adventures and meet new people!” I’ve heard this line a few times already. I’ve read countless articles around the net on … Continue reading

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Sweet Tooth by Me!!

Lately I’ve been having financial issues and as much as possible I want to face it on my own, that means as much as possible, I don’t want to ask any help from my parents. Although I still get my daily allowance … Continue reading

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New Term New Goals

I gotta be honest, I had my worst set of grades this first term in my junior year. Not really complaining since I really took this term for granted. In fact, I was already expecting a failing grade but rrreally … Continue reading

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College is Life

One of the hardest decision I’ve made was my choice of course I’ll take in college. I once thought about taking up Architecture, Fine Arts, Film and even courses that aren’t in the field of arts like Hotel Management, Business … Continue reading

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Current Must-Haves!!

Studying in a non-uniform art school is a total challenge for me.. I’ve gone through different fashion phases which I totally regret, worst phase was in my freshman year when I have no clue on what statement I’d stick to. … Continue reading

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What’s Up December!!!!!!!

I’ve been literally crazy busy the past few weeks that I haven’t groomed myself because I have no time left for my “me-time”, and I’m not even exaggerating! (By grooming myself I mean cleaning/painting my nails OK) The week before … Continue reading

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October Shindig in Film

Grade school/high school best friend’s 18 was the highlight party of my October and let me share this shots with you guys. All the credits go out to my one and only awesome hipster friend, The Alfonso Bassig and his … Continue reading

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