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Life After Advertising

It’s already been almost a week since I left my first job in the advertising industry. My team threw a despedida (going-away) party for me and my other officemate who came in a few months earlier than me. As expected, I … Continue reading

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It’s One of those Days

When I feel ugly and fat/overweight. Today I wore unflattering clothes to work. By unflattering, I mean tight jeans and a flannel top which emphasizes my thighs more. I saw myself in the mirror few minutes ago and saw how … Continue reading

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Self Love 2017

I have so many things on my goal list this year. As much as possible I don’t want to call it “New Year’s resolution” cause it sounds so cliché, “goals” sounds so more realistic. Anyway, I’ll try to make a … Continue reading

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Thank you, 2016

Wow, I’m blogging again. I’m starting from scratch because the old domain expired and I just don’t feel like renewing it for some reason (read: cost cutting). Anyway, it’s been one hell of a ride, 2016!! I’m welcoming 2017 with … Continue reading

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Camille Goes to Singapore

It was my second trip out of the country, and I gotta be honest, this was way better than Hong Kong last year. My family and I stayed in Singapore from January 24-27 to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. It … Continue reading

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Sleepover with my Chikas

You wouldn’t believe this, but in my 19 (almost 20) years of existence, I’ve never gone to any sleepover unless it’s in my home.. That’s how strict my parents are. I kind of hate how they restrict me from enjoying … Continue reading

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Why I Love Christmas Season

I love going out during the Holiday Season ⎼ may it be for Christmas shopping or just hanging out with friends. The streets are busy and everyone seems to be so hyped for the Holidays! You can just feel the … Continue reading

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