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Adventure Day x Makati Hits

The original plan was, I’d wait for Chevy’s dismissal which was around 3 pm, and head straight to Greenbelt to meet my friend Alli (I think she’s also with her guy) then go to the museum. But unfortunately, Chevy and … Continue reading

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October Shindig in Film

Grade school/high school best friend’s 18 was the highlight party of my October and let me share this shots with you guys. All the credits go out to my one and only awesome hipster friend, The Alfonso Bassig and his … Continue reading

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Feeling Photography

Today I decided to play with my camera since I haven’t been playing with it for a couple of weeks (or months) except for school purposes. I kinda feel bad about it because most of my friends who own a … Continue reading

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Happy Legalization Day, Best Friend!!!

Can’t believe my little potato turned 18 already I’m such a proud best friend hehehe. Just look how pretty she was last night (feelin’ like a mother hahahaha) The party was garden-themed so I really had a hard time choosing … Continue reading

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365 in Photos x Cotton Candies Above

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Instagram: What’s Up and What’s Not

My friend and I had this hilarious conversation about pet peeves over the internet – those who use hashtags on Facebook, those who use too much hashtags on Twitter and some people who post nonsense stuff on Instagram. I think … Continue reading

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Magnificent Monday

Told you I suck at giving titles for my posts, I’ve already thought of using the current date as the title but that’s too hackneyed so better stick with my corny titles hehe. So anyways, I kinda missed blogging daily … Continue reading

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