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Veckatimest Turns 4

Didn’t notice it’s already my 4th year blogging with WordPress! And it’s been almost 8 years since I started blogging.. I can still remember my dedication to my Multiply account. Sadly they had to shut down without notice so I … Continue reading

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Sorry but I really have to let this out. So uhm, I’ve been seeing/hearing a lot lately about basketball and people’s opinion about Lebron or whoever and whatever, I have friends talking about NBA nonstop, and it’s actually fine with … Continue reading

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From WordPress to Tumblr

I’ve made plans about transferring to Tumblr since it’s honestly more convenient to blog there because I hate how my photos turn out whenever I post them here (WordPress please fix this) in fact I finally made a new BLOG … Continue reading

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Because I know I’ll lose followers on Twitter if I actually did this there hahaha yay here are some facts you might not know about me (lol as if you guys care ☹) 1. I have a fetish for men’s … Continue reading

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Happy 2013 x First Blog Giveaway

My blog’s turning three years old some time this year hahaha not pretty sure when though. But anyways, since it’s my blog’s third anniversary, I’m hosting a blog giveaway!!!!!!!!! For the very first time!!! Oh em to the g! You … Continue reading

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Looks odd putting a hashtag on a title but this looks legit hahaha kidding! I’m only plugging this just because it’s a TT on twitter, and since I don’t want to annoy my followers on twitter, decided to just do … Continue reading

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Instagram: What’s Up and What’s Not

My friend and I had this hilarious conversation about pet peeves over the internet – those who use hashtags on Facebook, those who use too much hashtags on Twitter and some people who post nonsense stuff on Instagram. I think … Continue reading

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