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Project Balik-Workout

It’s been a little while since I last felt so motivated and inspired in working out and actually losing weight.. I mean, I have to admit, I made myself proud the first few months of the year – I worked … Continue reading

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Happy Pierce Day

So obviously, the highlight of my day was… I got my left ear two piercings yay!!!! One bucket list, ticked! One cartilage and one just above the normal pierce (lol I dunno what’s it called hehe) and the cartilage piercing … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to have my own business, or at least just a part time owner of any business related to my course. I can imagine myself showering with money and enjoying my work at the same time, lol just … Continue reading

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Legally Brunette

Idk but I think the shade/color of my hair right now is brunette hehe you judge LOLERZ just for the sake of photo opping but wait no, I’m serious about my hair color!!!! So I’m really stoked about me turning … Continue reading

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December Wishlist

I’ve been doing this ever since I started blogging, it’s like a ritual that I cannot NOT do every Christmas. Hahaha! I’m doing this just for fun, I’m not expecting anything positive but who knows, Santa might be reading my … Continue reading

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This may sound funny to some but I’m getting real serious with this the past few days. I’m thinking about starting my own small business. Like customized shoes, clothes and such. If you’re familiar with Stussy, Huf, Vans and whatsoever … Continue reading

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Specs 101

It’s seriously hard to deal with eye problems… now I regret not taking care of my eyes since the beginning, and believe it or not, I’ve been forced to wear specs since I was in elementary. I don’t why but … Continue reading

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