Veckatimest Turns 4

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Didn’t notice it’s already my 4th year blogging with WordPress! And it’s been almost 8 years since I started blogging.. I can still remember my dedication to my Multiply account. Sadly they had to shut down without notice so I wasn’t able to save some of my published/uploaded files. Then I transferred to Tumblr but got too lazy since Tumblr’s not my type of blogging environment. Though I still use Tumblr til now as my photo dump hehe you can check it out, the link’s on my widgets!

2011 was the year I became a solid fan of Saab Magalona and her blog, that was the time when her blog wasn’t full of promotions and giveaways yet, just the plain diary-like blog. And was inspired to put up my own blog through WordPress. I honestly had a hard time settling cause it’s sort of complicated – with the theme, how I manage my posts, etc. But all is well naman hehe. Got used to it din after a few months. I was really dedicated to blogging cause I was hoping I’d be recognized from this. It came to the point where I tried blogging paid ads to see how it works, but sadly it didn’t work out for me. So I sticked with the diary-like blogging where I just post stuff based from experiences or whatsoever.

Confession: I have accounts in Blogger, LiveJournal and a few in Tumblr but I sticked with WordPress idek why.

Sometimes I think about transferring to other blog hosts or transferring everything to my own domain which I use for school, but I’m really having a hard time and I know it would be a lot of work. Hello, ilan na ba posts ko dito!? It would be a waste of time and effort. So I thought, wag na lang I love my blog now hehehe though I need more improvements and alterations. Also, one thing I hate about WordPress is its limited features. I can’t upgrade to Premium since I don’t pay my own bills (yet). If sa Tumblr lang, I can edit and tweak the codes of my theme, pero dito nada. So I have to stick with free themes instead. Though there are few good themes I can settle with.

Anyway, one of my New Year’s Resolution (again) is to be more active blogging and to post more from experiences and adventures and heartbreaks.. Chos lang yung heartbreaks!! Kind of proud with my blog hits actually, but I know I can do better.

Happy 4th birthday Veckatimest!!!!

BTW, I know most of you are wondering where I got my blog title ‘Veckatimest’ and how it’s pronounced. Veckatimest is the album of one of my fave bands Grizzly Bear. I kept listening to the album for a month, and when I’m starting to put up this blog, I’ve nothing in my mind on what title to use so I sticked with the album name. Also dedicating this 4-year journey to Grizzly Bear! Haha! You pronounce it as ve-ka-tee-mest.

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Sleepover with my Chikas

You wouldn’t believe this, but in my 19 (almost 20) years of existence, I’ve never gone to any sleepover unless it’s in my home.. That’s how strict my parents are. I kind of hate how they restrict me from enjoying my college life, but some days I just realize it’s always for the better. Like what they say, parents knows best.

I’ve been missing out on a lot of hangouts and dates with my 2 college best friends, so we all decided to have a sleepover at my house! Though I haven’t asked my parents’ permission just yet, go na agad ako since I was thinking “duh naman!? Pag ako hindi pa pinayagan dito ewan ko na lang!” Abby and Yin are living far from my place but I love how they came out of their way to go to my place and spend time together.

On our first day at home, we had a photoshoot at the park. I didn’t really expect they’d like the place but for some reason, they loved everything about my “home”. Medyo dyahe moments lang when we were at the park kasi medyo gasgas na siyang photoshoot place, but what the hell, I’m with my girls and we were having the time of our lives. Hahaha!

Photobooth while prepping for the “photoshoot”

Some outtakes from out shoot. Thank God Abby brought her lens! Perks of having a photographer bestie hehe


One of my fave candid photos! Yup, candid talaga yan


Love this photo so much!

Then we decided to walk a bit more to look for ihawan #FoodTrippings! So happy cause we passed by a wall that’s so Instagram worthy so we decided to take photos and grab the opportunity.. Kahit na ang daming dumadaang car and everyone’s probably judging us that time. Haha so worth it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.28.57 PM


Went home, chilled for a while and went to the grocery before dinner to buy snacks and alcohol since we wanted to drink and “mag walwal” but ended up sleeping early because the alcohol kicked in earlier than we expected. We made gummy bear vodka.. Which I hated btw. And Chevy (my guy bff) joined us while drinking but had to leave early. Also, our friend Ernest dropped by but also had to leave early. We also got to Skype with our two closest blockmates Jerome and Marvin cause that’s how much we missed each other!!


Abby and I stayed up til 3 cause we watched Gone Girl on my laptop while Yin slept early sobrang baduy.

The next day was kind of sad cause we have to cherish the time left. We chilled at a milktea place near my house and guess who joined us!! Chevy.. Again hahaha Mr. Driver eh

Just Abby being her usual self

My clique (Minus Abby)

My fave photo of Chevy hahaha

Sadly we had to separate ways that day.. It was hard & sad for me cause everything’s back to normal. Sobrang hangover when I came in my room, so quiet and peaceful. Definitely doing this again!!

This is just one of the few group photos we had :(

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Why I Love Christmas Season

  1. I love going out during the Holiday Season ⎼ may it be for Christmas shopping or just hanging out with friends. The streets are busy and everyone seems to be so hyped for the Holidays! You can just feel the Christmas vibe everywhere. Except the traffic and criminals, yikes!
  2. The cold & cozy weather!!!! This is the season I can finally wear my hoodies, sweaters and long sleeves without struggling and hassling too much.
  3. The city looks so alive cause of the Christmas lights!
  4. Since everyone’s on a break, I get to spend more time catching up with friends I haven’t seen for months due to busy schedules in school and work.
  5. Christmas season is workload-free season!!!!
  6. And it only means I can finally catch up on my favorite TV series and movies without thinking of any unaccomplished school works.
  7. Christmas parties!
  8. I have a big family and we only get to see each other on special occasions. Christmas is definitely one of those special occasions. I love attending family reunions and get-togethers, minus the part where relatives keep asking personal stuff about me, haha!
  9. This is officially the first year I spent my own money buying gifts for my family and a few close friends.. And can I just say I love the feeling of spending time actually making a list and personally buying gifts for each one of them?! But is it normal to feel the guilt after spending?
  10. Nope, I don’t like the gift-wrapping part. I’m the worlds worst and laziest gift-wrapper.
  11. Opening gifts!!!!
  12. ‘Tis the season to be chubby, fa la la la la la la! Nope, I’m not gaining weight this time, but I can’t resist the food which I only get to see once a year! (Read: lechon, ham, etc.)
  13. This year, I officially started attending Simbang Gabi. Today was the last day, but sad cause I missed one mass. It’d be great if I completed 9 masses, but I think the most important part is the sacrifice and dedication. Also, I get to attend masses with my favorite person! Hopefully I complete everything next year!

The list goes on and on and on! I have so many things I love about Christmas!!! Really hoping everyone’s excited as I am.

How about you, what are the things you love about Christmas?? :)

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Party Hard, Study Harder

“You’re in college! Have fun, go to parties, go home late, ditch classes, date boys, get drunk, go on adventures and meet new people!”

I’ve heard this line a few times already. I’ve read countless articles around the net on how you’re supposed to enjoy college, and by enjoy they mean everything I’ve quoted above.

I’m already in my third year and I think there’s only one from the list I have achieved since I entered college — ditch classes. And that’s due to laziness, sickness or family plans but mostly laziness. In my three years in college, I tried partying and chill drinking with friends once, but it didn’t work out for me. I didn’t enjoy the loudness of the people and the smell of the place. I tried drinking alcohol but it only made me sick for some reason. They say the party starts at 9 pm.. I went home at 10. That’s when I realized I wasn’t made for parties like those.

I hated my parents for not letting me go to college parties, I used to feel jealous of my batchmates who went out almost every Friday/Saturday nights. I saw them post photos of their night outs while I lay down in bed and watch them have fun. I never wanted to be that loser who never goes out and doesn’t know how to have fun. In the first few months of college, everyone was having fun while school load’s still not that heavy. I was invited a lot of times by some of my friends, and even told me to sneak out cause that’s what college is all about. Sneaking and getting caught.

Maybe it’s a blessing to have strict and conservative parents after all. I’ve seen some people from my school got pregnant, got kicked out of school, dropped classes and shifted to different courses. I’m not saying those are effects of partying or drinking.. But mostly those things happen because they lack guidance from parents and self-discipline. Remember kids, too much of anything can kill.

I’m not against anything I mentioned, in fact, sometimes I can’t help myself but feel jealous of my friends who are free to go out and go home whenever they want to. Sometimes I label myself as a loser who never really goes out and doesn’t know how to have fun. Though I am proud of myself for not giving in to any of those, there’s still a time I wish I did. But you know what? Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Knowing myself, I easily give in to temptations, especially when I know no one’s holding me back. That’s when I realize how important my parents’ roles are.

Though there’s a chance my future self will hate my 18-year old self for not exploring and going out on adventures, at least my 20 something-year old self will thank me for making it out of college by doing ‘abstinence.’ Haha! Anyways, I made a promise to myself that once I finished college, I’m already legalizing myself to do things I wasn’t able to do when I was still in school. Minus the sex, drugs and sneaking out! #GoodGirlCamille

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Lighter & Happier Me!

I’ve been receiving tons of questions and compliments on how I lost weight the past few months. At first it was really flattering for people to actually notice, but it somehow bothered me how that compliment slowly turns into an insult or maybe something I should worry about.

The nonstop “Cam pumayat ka grabe what did you do?” to “Cam sobrang payat mo na you look unhealthy” really did bother me.

But at some point, I was happy and contented with what I achieved for over a year. I couldn’t believe ’til now that I was considered almost a pound away from being overweight few years back. I was depressed because of my weight and my physical appearance, I was confused and insecure about myself and came to the point where I was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa. Yup, you read that right! Only a few people I trust knew that story but anyway, that was my immature and insecure self and I’ve moved on already.

Losing the weight wasn’t easy at all. People keep asking “how did you lose all the weight?!” when the answer’s pretty simple: a clean diet and regular exercise. But let me dedicate this post to all those who are wondering what I’ve gone through and what are the things I sacrificed to actually meet the goal I’ve been wanting since day 1.

I sacrificed things and I’ve gone through a lot for me to achieve what I have right now: I removed soda, rice and some sweets from my daily intake. I know a lot of people question me this, “how did you survive the no-rice diet?” I didn’t actually expect succeed with it, maybe that’s just out of desperation.. I went back to badminton training for one whole summer and the training’s no joke. I experienced almost collapsing cause of the intensity of our cardio and drills, but I honestly enjoyed since badminton’s always been my favorite sport. I made running around the village a part of my daily routine, except of course on training days. But after my badminton training session last summer 2012, I still made sure to continue to jog and workout at home. They say you need to go to the gym to lose weight, I say not cause you don’t know the power of downloadable workout videos on YouTube. Haha! Whether you’re at home or at the gym, it actually doesn’t matter cause what’s important is your eagerness and motivation.

I think I got used to the no-rice diet and got a little obsessed with working out that I kind of went overboard. Yup, I met my goal weight (#TheDream). I kept losing weight and everyone’s starting to notice, as they say, hard work pays off! The moment I hit my goal weight, I stopped everything. I started to eat rice and sweets again (still, no soda), I stopped working out and even got lazy to even jog. Although I manage to squeeze in some workouts for muscle toning.

What bothers me most is when people started to say I look “skinny”, and by skinny they meant unhealthy thin and asked if I was sick or something. I honestly didn’t know how to take those in..

I’m not even trying anymore! My mom said my metabolism changed because of the diet I did a year ago. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but I’m eating everything I can because I wanted to gain some few pounds back. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my body right now.. Though there are times I wish I had thinner legs because that’s always been my problem.

At the end of the day, weight and physical appearance don’t matter that much as long as I’m happy especially with the people around me. As long as I’m eating and doing the right things, I’m healthy and couldn’t be more contented.

In case you’re wondering how I looked few years back.. Here’s some before and after photos!!



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Sweet Tooth by Me!!

Lately I’ve been having financial issues and as much as possible I want to face it on my own, that means as much as possible, I don’t want to ask any help from my parents. Although I still get my daily allowance and I do my very best to save as much as I can from there. I don’t want to brag but I’m not the type of daughter who asks too much money from my parents. I spend my own money for dates, hangouts and gimmicks, everything from my allowance. Except of course when it comes to school and other personal stuff like clothes since I go to art school which I think is a bit more costly. My mom and I have this deal that I only get to buy new clothes once a month with a limited budget, and I guess that’s not a bad idea at all.

Anyway, I have mentioned in my previous post how desperate I’ve been in earning extra income that I’ve come to the point of actually searching for part-time jobs for students like me. It didn’t work out for me. And so I thought, “why not come up with my own small business?” The only thing I know about business is, you produce, you sell and you earn. Without knowing everything about business, I entered it just with the thought of earning extra income.

So I came up with Sweet Tooth by Camille. It’s an online shop since I post everything via Instagram and Facebook. From the name itself, I offer sweets – but as of the moment, choices of sweets are still limited since I just started few weeks ago.


I think what makes my shop unique from other existing shops is the way I market and advertise my products.

Designing’s been my interest since God-knows-when, and I admit, I spent days coming up with my “theme” and actually did a few logo and color studies. Lol talk about design OCD.

“Simplicity is beauty” they say. So I decided to settle with plain black and white logo, although I have a few colored logos. Anyway, my point is.. I want my stickers to be as plain as possible because I want my actual products as colorful as possible.


Here are a few snaps of what I’m selling!

In case you’re wondering what are these.. I call them Graham Balls. If you want to find out what it tastes like or what’s inside or whatsoever, I suggest you order from me because these are not just your typical sweets ;)

Check me out on Instagram: @sweettoothbycamille

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New Term New Goals

I gotta be honest, I had my worst set of grades this first term in my junior year. Not really complaining since I really took this term for granted. In fact, I was already expecting a failing grade but rrreally glad I didn’t. I had so many cuts in every class and missed a few plates due to cramming which led to laziness. I even came to point where I paid people to do some of my final projects. I was so chill this last term, compared to my past few terms in college.. which feels so wrong in so many ways. I even lost time to do my org responsibilities although I made sure to submit what I had to submit.

Bottom line, I am pretty much disappointed with my performance last term. I don’t know if it has something to do with my class schedule, my set of professors or my set of classmates. But one thing I do know is I don’t want to slack and feel like school’s a responsibility and obligation I have to do just because I have to; I just want to be my old motivated self I was before where I enjoyed school because I enjoy the things I’m doing, and I enjoy the environment because it has always been my dream school.

As much as possible I don’t want to make myself another New Term’s Resolution because I always end up ditching everything in the list, but I’m really hoping I’d do better this term. I’m not saying I’ll never cut again because let’s be honest here, college isn’t the same without the “I’m too lazy, I’ll pass that class anyway” excuses.. but I’ll manage to lessen and use every cut in a more reasonable excuses. I’ll do my best to enjoy every class and every workload I’ll encounter in the coming weeks, because that’s what school is about; to think that I’m taking up art courses and I’m already taking my majors this term.

So here’s to a motivated and inspired term!! I promise I’ll do everything to be in the Dean’s List again. I’ll make everyone proud once again.

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